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Portability: Moving to another city with a Section 8 voucher

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Portability is the ability of a Housing Choice Voucher holder to move from Tempe Housing Services jurisdiction to the jurisdiction of another Housing Authority anywhere in the country.

To qualify for Portability, the Voucher holder must:

  • be living in the City of Tempe when issued your Housing Choice Voucher, or;
  • you must be a current participant in Tempe’s Housing Assistance Program who has been leased in the City of Tempe for at least 12 months;
  • fully complete a Portability Request;
  • not have any outstanding debts with any Housing Authority;
  • be in compliance with all family obligations.

Once all the above conditions are met and we have determined that you are eligible for portability, we will contact the Housing Authority, HA, for the jurisdiction you wish to move to. We will verify that the other HA administers a Section 8 Housing Program.

Note: If the receiving HA does not have a Section 8 Housing Program, they are under no obligation to accept our Housing Choice Voucher. If the receiving HA does have a Section 8 Housing Program, they must accept our Housing Choice Voucher or give you one of their own to administer.

If the receiving HA administers a Section 8 Housing Program, we will verify with them that you have met the income eligibility requirements, you have a current Housing Choice Voucher and a Housing Choice Voucher Packet. We will confirm the date your Housing Choice Voucher expires. This information will be given to the receiving HA both verbally and in writing. Extra time will not be provided for traveling to the new location.

You will be briefed to take your Housing Choice Voucher to the receiving HA to check in and receive the necessary information for you to locate a unit in the new jurisdiction.

The receiving HA can either accept Tempe's Housing Choice Voucher and bill us for administering it on your behalf or they can release your Tempe Housing Choice Voucher and issue you one of their own. If you keep your Tempe Housing Choice Voucher, you will be allowed to move under portability only once in a twelve month period.