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Family Self-Sufficiency for Section 8 Voucher Holders

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What is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program?    

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a voluntary program for participants in the City of Tempe Section 8 program. 

  • It's a program to find out how to achieve your dreams and goals. 
  • It's about learning how to use the community partnerships to find help and support with education, training, financial literacy, day care, self-empowerment workshops, self-employment, and employment. 
  • It's about writing your dreams into small and achievable goals.
  • It's about attending workshops and conferences where there are other like-minded people who want to take small steps to achieve larger goals
  • It's about earning an ESCROW by increasing earned income enough that the tenant rent is increased---and a percentage of the rent increase goes into a savings account that is paid directly to you once you have achieved your goals!
  • HUD is rewarding you for gaining and maintaining higher employment by putting money into a savings account that you can choose to use for a down payment for your own home, to pay off debt, etc., etc.!!!
  • It's about wanting MORE for yourself and your family!

How do I get started?

  • Attend an FSS information session
  • Complete necessary forms when you meet with the FSS Specialist and write down the goals that you'd like to achieve within 5 years.
  • Sign an FSS Contract of Participation

Who do I call?
Lilia Sanchez-Gonzalez
480 350-8956
Fax: 480-858-7703
AZ Relay:
800-842-4681 TDD

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