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Inspection of Housing

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The inspection is to insure the unit is in decent, safe and sanitary condition. The unit must meet HUD's Housing Quality Standards, the City of Tempe Uniform Housing Code and Tempe Rental Code.

The following is a list of some of the basic items necessary for a unit to pass inspection:
smoke detector(s) are present and in working condition;
provisions for escape for the handicapped in case of fire;
no electrical hazards, inside or outside of the unit;
all operable windows open properly and lock;
for evaporative cooled units: one operable window must have a screen;
all doors open and close properly; those accessible from the outside lock properly;
all interior and exterior surfaces are free from cracking, scaling, peeling, chipping and loose paint;
all appliances and bathroom facilities are clean and in working condition;
bathrooms have an openable window or a working vent system;
all bedrooms have at least one openable window;
heating and cooling equipment are safe and adequate;
hot water heater is safely located, equipped and installed;
plumbing, electrical and gas systems are safe and adequate;
no evidence of infestation;
site and neighborhood are free from conditions which would endanger the health
and safety of residents.

NOTE: HQS Standards have been amended to allow microwave ovens to be substituted for a tenant-supplied oven and stove/range. A microwave oven may be substituted for an owner-supplied oven and stove/range if the tenant agrees and microwave ovens are furnished instead of an oven and stove/range to both subsidized and unsubsidized tenants in the same complex or premises.

If serious violations exist, the unit will fail the inspection and will require a re-inspection after the violations are corrected. Minor violations will allow the unit to pass with a 30-Day Maintenance Request. This allows the tenant to move in and begin receiving housing assistance and give the landlord 30 days to correct the violations.

A unit must completely pass the inspection, or pass with a 30-day Maintenance Request, before a Lease and Contract will become effective.

After the initial inspection, the unit must be inspected at least annually to determine if the landlord and tenant are maintaining it, in a decent, safe and sanitary condition. Special inspections may be conducted throughout the year at the request of the landlord, tenant, Tempe Housing Services and/or HUD.

When an annual or special inspection reveals the unit is in violation of Housing Quality Standards, the landlord is responsible for correcting the deficiencies, regardless of whether or not the tenant is held responsible for payment of the repairs. Failure to comply with the requested action will result in either an abatement of housing assistance payments or a termination of the Contract and Lease.

The owner is not responsible for a breach of the Housing Quality Standards that is not caused by the owner. The family is responsible for a breach of the HQS that is caused by any of the following:

The family fails to pay for any utilities that the tenant is responsible for paying;
The family fails to provide and maintain any appliances the owner is not required to provide;
Any member of the household or guest damages the unit or premises (damages beyond normal wear and tear).

If the HQS breach caused by the family is life threatening, the family must correct the defect within no more than 30 calendar days.

The Tempe Housing Services may terminate assistance for a family because of HQS violations caused by the family.

If payments are abated, all failed deficiencies must be corrected before payments are resumed. If the landlord refuses to correct the deficiencies, the Tempe Housing Services will terminate the Lease and Contract. Payments that are abated will not be reimbursed