Eligibility and Waiting List Information for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

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Eligibility Information

An individual or a family must complete and submit an application to Housing Services to be put on the Waiting List.  At the time a voucher becomes available, the applicant must meet both the income and family composition requirements to be eligible for the Section 8 Program. Please review the following sections to see if you are eligible:

Low-income and Extremely Low-income Requirements
As the city's Public Housing Authority (PHA), Housing Services is required to have 75% of new Section 8 admissions to the Waiting List be made up of extremely low-income families. To stay within the law, Housing Services may need to move extremely low-income applicants to a position on the Wait List above applicants who are in the low-income category.

The income limit document will help you determine if you fall within the Extremely low-income category - 30% of the median income; or Low-income category - 50% of the median income.

Tempe Housing Income Limits chart

Family Composition
A "family" can be:

  • a single person who is 62 years of age, disabled according to Social Security definition or handicapped;
    any other single person;
  • a married couple whose head of household, or spouse, is 62 years of age, disabled according to Social Security definition or handicapped;
  • any two or more persons sharing residency whose income and resources are available to meet the family's needs and who are related by blood, marriage or operation of law (or who have evidence of a stable family relationship, which has existed over a period of at least 2 years.)

Wait List Preference Point System
To better serve those persons truly in need of housing in Tempe, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the City of Tempe Housing Services have established a Wait List Preference Point System.

Waiting List

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