The Tempe Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program Wait List is currently closed and is not accepting applications.

Before You Apply

You can see if your income level, family in your household, and other life situations make you eligible for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher.  Please go to our Eligibility & Wait List page for useful information about the requirements.

After You Apply

If you have changes in your income or your family, you must report it by using the Change of Income/Household Composition form

Section 8 Informal Review Procedures  (PDF)
Tempe Housing Services must give an applicant for participation the opportunity for an Informal Review if the applicant wishes to have any of the following Housing Services decisions/determinations reviewed for compliance with the law, HUD regulations and PHA rules or policies:
1. Denial of placement on the waiting list.
2. Denial of issuance of a Housing Choice Voucher.
3. Denial of participation in the program

Please see review procedures (PDF) for more information.

To contact Housing Services, staff click here for a list.