Important Update:

Rural Road between Apache Boulevard and Broadway Road will be closed in both directions from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 20 for Union Pacific Railroad work, info here.

Housing Staff Contacts

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Housing Services Supervisory Staff

LeVon Lamy, Housing and Revitalization Manager: 480-858-2264/

Beth Gath, Housing Services Supervisor: 480/350-8954/

Housing Specialists

 Eddie Adorno, Housing Specialist: 480-350-5846/

Brent Billiman, Housing Specialist: 480-858-2387/

Michael Cardenas, Housing Specialist: 480-350-8957/

Leah Goforth, Housing Specialist: 480-350-8958/

Lilia Sanchez-Gonzalez, FSS Specialist: 480-350-8956/

Theresa James, Housing Specialist: 480-858-2360/

Housing Services Accountant

Kathy Nugent, Housing Services Accountant: 480-858-2315/

Community Assisted Mortgage Program (CAMP)

Maryna Leyvas, Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator: 480-858-2154/

Elizabeth Garcia:  Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator:  480-350-8961/

Homeless Assistance

Nicky Stevens, Homeless Solutions Supervisor:  480-350-2971/

Kelly Denman, Homeless Outreach Specialist: 480-858-7993/

Joel Robinson, Homeless Outreach Specialist:  480-858-5844/