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Housing Staff Contacts

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Housing Services Supervisory Staff

LeVon Lamy, Housing and Revitalization Manager: 480-858-2264 or

Beth Gath, Housing Services Supervisor: 480-350-8954 or

Housing Staff

Michael Cardenas, Housing Specialist: 480-350-8957 or

James Eubanks, Administrative Assistant: 480-350-5434 or

Renee Wade, Housing Specialist: 480-858-2387

Michelle Lara, Administrative Assistant: 480-350-8953  or

Sharon McKenna, Administrative Assistant: 480-350-8958 or

Isaiah Norris, Housing Specialist: 480-858-2360 or

Cecilia Pedraza, Administrative Assistant: 480-350-8076 or

Carlene Svihl, Housing Specialist:

Housing Services Accountant

Kathy Nugent, Housing Services Accountant: 480-858-2315 or

Sheri Rico, Accountant: 480-350-8956 or

Community Assisted Mortgage Program (CAMP)

Maryna Leyvas, Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator: 480-858-2154 or

Elizabeth Garcia:  Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator:  480-350-8961 or

Homeless Assistance

Nichole Stevens, Homeless Solutions Supervisor:  480-350-2971 or

Kelly Denman, Homeless Outreach Specialist:

Geno Morris, Homeless Outreach Specialist: 480 858-7995

Amanda Fleming, Homeless Outreach Specialist: 480-858-7993

LaVelle Lewis, Homeless Outreach Specialist:

Stephen Baines, Homeless Outreach Specialist:  480-350-5844