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You Can Help Those In Need

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The homeless and less fortunate in Tempe could use your help. Here are a few ways you can help.

Countywide Point-in-Time Homeless Count

Each January, an attempt is made to determine how many people are homeless in our area. We need volunteers to help us find the answer. Contact Tempe's homeless outreach specialist Kelly Denman to volunteer for the 2020 count at

The Point-in-Time homeless street count and shelter count is an effort to learn more about the individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County and the entire country. In order to accomplish local and federal goals toward ending homelessness, we need to know who is experiencing homelessness, approximately where they are located and how many people are needing help. These facts help us better understanding the factors surrounding their homelessness and point the way to solutions.

Support HOPE team 

HOPE is Tempe’s homeless outreach team.  HOPE offers one-on-one case management and connection to housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. In addition, HOPE provides traditional street outreach and engagement, housing locator services and assistance with helping Section 8 housing clients and others to remain housed.

HOPE can always use donations of non-perishable food that can be eaten on the go. These items are handed out as a way of engaging people who are experiencing homelessness to assist them with housing and social services. Items needed include: crackers with peanut butter, granola bars, toaster pastries and fruit cups.

Other donations that are needed include: water and hygiene items such as soap, towels, razors, combs and brushes, shampoo and feminine products. 

Support CARE 7 team

When dispatched by Tempe Police and/or Fire, CARE 7 will respond to incidents including domestic violence, auto accidents, sexual and physical assaults, suicides, homicides, and other unexpected deaths. CARE 7 will provide on-scene assistance and comfort and also provide follow-up resources such as assistance with filing for victim's financial compensation, orders of protection, funeral arrangements, and counseling referrals.

Support Tempe Community Council 

Serving the community since 1972, Tempe Community Council (TCC) is a Tempe umbrella for many of the agencies that work with the homeless every day, such as food banks, shelters, and even shower and identification providers.  The agency offers funding to organizations and acts as a conduit for those who need help.

Support Tempe Mission

Tempe Mission is the Downtown Tempe Authority’s program to help the homeless in downtown Tempe through a series of fundraising events at local businesses and specially-marked meters, where change is donated to ease homelessness.

Support I-HELP

I-HELP is an interfaith collaboration of churches who feed, shelter, counsel and assist the homeless in the community. Providing showers, food packages, a hot meal, a place to sleep and people to talk to about their situation, the organization is vital to people. It’s also a program to help the homeless get the help they need to end their homelessness. Volunteers are needed to cook dinners, pack food sacks and more. Donations of cash, food and hygiene supplies are gladly accepted.

Support Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA)

TCAA offers an incredible number of programs that assist the homeless and needful in our community. From a food pantry to a job center, and even a community garden that grows fresh produce, TCAA can use help. Volunteer to pack food boxes, participate in their special events that raise money, donate cash, food, hygiene items and more. 

Support Lost Our Home Pet Foundation

This organization provides pet food and shelter to pets that may temporarily be without a place to live. Maybe their owners had to move to a no-pets apartment. Maybe their humans are ill. Maybe the owners simply don’t have the financial means to care for their pet. Lost Our Home steps in to help. They need people to walk dogs, adopt pets, and help in the no-kill shelter in every way. Donations of pet food, pet toys, sanitation supplies and cash are also gladly accepted.

Water for Fines

From June 3 - 23, 2019, people will receive $1 off their library fines for every bottle of water they donate to help the homeless.  

Tax Credits for Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO)

Taxpayers can claim up to $400 per person; $800 per couple for contributions made to a QCO. Taxpayers receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against Arizona state tax liability.

Tax Credits for Contributions to Qualifying Foster Care Organizations (QFCO)

Contributions to QFCO are higher: $500 per person; $1,000 per couple