Affordable Housing Efforts

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The City of Tempe is working to provide quality housing that is affordable to households at all income levels, with specific focus on lower-income households. To do that, Tempe is creating affordable housing strategies to encourage development of affordable and workforce housing throughout the city.

 Housing Solutions

FINAL - AffordableHousingInfographicLearn how Tempe is improving residents' qualify of life and offering successful pathways forward through a range of affordable and workforce housing solutions.

Urban Core Master Plan

Tempe’s Urban Core Master Plan includes multiple elements, including an Affordable Housing Strategy designed to encourage more affordable and a greater diversity of housing options both downtown and across the urban core area.  

Affordable Housing Strategy

The Affordable Housing Strategy (AHS) is designed to guide future decision-making on the production and preservation of affordable housing in Tempe. The AHS helps establish the city’s goals and objectives for improving the availability of quality housing for residents of different income levels, and lays out strategies to achieve housing affordability.

The City Council is prioritizing three of the most aggressive strategies to expand housing options. Read this update.

This work aligns with the city's commitment to housing attainability. Read more about City Council priorities here.

Affordable Housing Impact Statements

Within the AHS is an Affordable Housing Impact Statement (AHIS), intended to give city decision makers a comprehensive understanding of the impact that policies or development projects may have on the availability of affordable housing. The goal is to prevent the loss of existing affordable housing units, and encourage development of more affordable housing inventory. Find out what is included here.

Tempe Housing Authority

The Tempe Housing Authority meets quarterly to address housing-related issues. Read more here and here for the latest update.

Success Stories

A new apartment for a veteran. A townhome for a first-time buyer. A subsidized rental for a family. A place for a senior to call home.

Every day,  the City of Tempe is working to enhance the lives of children, youth, families, people with disabilities and senior citizens through affordable and workforce housing. Read more. 

Journey to homeownership