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Tempe's first responders train in dementia awareness

The City of Tempe’s goal is to train all city employees in dementia awareness. The first step began with first responders in a recent training series for Tempe Fire Medical Rescue. Experts in the field helped the firefighters, who are also paramedics and EMTs, learn more about identifying those patients and how better to communicate with them. 

Watch the dementia awareness training covered by Channel 15 Oct. 16, 2017

The State of Aging in the Valley / by Kathy Ritchie
This series aims to explore the reality of an aging society. The aging issue isn’t going away — so let's talk about it.

Arizona Republic /, Dec. 2, 2016
Ask a Doc: Keep holiday gatherings simple for loved ones with memory loss / by Jan Dougherty

60 Minutes, CBS News, Nov. 27, 2016
The Alzheimer's Laboratory / by Leslie Stahl
A television story on a town in Columbia with a high rate of Alzheimer's Disease.  Staff from Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Phoenix are interviewed., Sept. 14, 2016 
Tempe Kicks Off First 'Memory Cafe' Meeting For Caregivers, People Living With Dementia
 / by Kathy Ritchie
...The idea is to bring caregivers and people living with dementia together so they can meet other families, find resources and get ... Mayor Mark Mitchell helped spearhead the initiative called "Dementia Friendly Tempe." "One of the reasons I thought it was important to ...
(Please note, Memory Cafe now meets on Mondays, 9:30 am to noon)

Articles & Publications

Elsevier: Alzheimer's & Dementia 2018

"What features of stigma do the public most commonly attribute to Alzheimer’s disease dementia? Results of a survey of the U.S. general public." by Shana D. Stites, Jonathan D. Rubright, Jason Karlawish Nov. 11, 2017
Aging Population Means More Husbands and Son Caregivers / by Kathy Ritchie,

Newsweek, February 16, 2017
The New Offensive on Alzheimer's Disease:  Stop it before it starts / by Elie Dolgin
This aggressive attempt to prevent Alzheimer’s rather than treating it is the most exciting new development in decades, as well as a radical departure for researchers and the pharmaceutical industry.

Arizona Republic /, Jan. 20, 2017
Want to know the secret to a long, healthy life? Ask the experts
/ by Karina Bland
Banner’s Center for Healthy Aging has been studying longevity and asked 1,200 people ages 55 and up about the psychosocial, cognitive, medical and physical factors contributing to healthy aging., Jan. 6, 2017
Study Examines Art Therapy For Alzheimer's, Dementia
/ by Steve Goldstein
Music therapy is considered to be a method of dealing with Alzheimer’s, without truly treating or curing it. And there’s more work being done in the area of art therapy.

Dementia Friendly Tempe brochure pdf

Download and print this information about Dementia Friendly Tempe and Memory Cafe.