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Eligibility Requirements & Selection

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Student Eligibility to Apply to Tempe PRE

Tempe PRE Student Selection Process

The selection process differs depending on tuition categories. Each category has a number of available seats. An application is needed for each student.

  • For families paying full tuition or half-tuition the student is accepted in order the application is submitted until available seats are filled.
  • Students from families applying for free tuition have their names submitted into a drawing.
  • Names are drawn at random for available seats after 5 p.m. on the last Friday of each month.
    • A waiting list for available seats will be created if an application is submitted but not accepted.
  • If your child is accepted, you will be notified via phone call and email about the enrollment process.

Wait List

We accept applications until all seats are filled. If you submit an application but are not accepted, you will be placed on the Wait List and notified if a seat becomes available.

Acceptance and Financial Assistance Depend on Verification

  • A student’s acceptance into the program is pending verification of eligibility.
  • Financial assistance is pending verification of a family’s residency and income qualifications.

Tuition and financial assistance information

Tempe PRE Application

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