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Triple P Tempe: Winter Schedule: 2019 


Parenting is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable job, but it isn’t always easy. All parents struggle with the same kinds of problems. Join us for a three-week Seminar Series and several Triple P Discussion Groups during the months of May and June. These FREE two-hour sessions on specific topics are designed to present you with information and strategies and to share ideas with other parents struggling with the same issues. Adults who attend all 3 of the Seminar Series classes will receive a book for their child at the end of the third session.

Classes will be held at the Thrive to Five Family Resource Center at Thew Elementary School, 2130 E Howe Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Registration for each class is required. Please register at:


Schedule & Class Descriptions:

November 19th 10am – 12pm: Hassle-free Shopping with Children

Are you looking for some ideas to help you make shopping with your child more enjoyable? Would you like to develop a personal shopping plan for your family? This discussion group will provide you with some positive parenting suggestions to avoid shopping hassles and to teach your child to behave responsibly on shopping trips.

December 3rd 10am – 12pm: Sharing

Learning to share is an important part of growing up. Toddlers are beginning to learn about ownership and can be possessive about some things. Problems can occur over sharing when other children visit your home or during outings with other children. This discussion group will provide information on child development and tips for teaching your toddler how to share.

December 10th 4:30 – 5pm (Dinner: 5 – 6:30pm): Toilet Training

Are you looking forward to the day your child no longer needs diapers? Toilet training can seem like a big task! Relax, your child will learn to use the toilet when they are ready. This discussion group will provide you with suggestions about how to start toilet training with your child.

December 17th 10am – 12pm: Tantrums

The first time your toddler throws a tantrum may be a real surprise! It is important to deal with tantrums as soon as they start. This discussion group provides information about tantrums and suggestions for managing tantrums and teaching your child to calm down quickly.

December 19th 8:30 – 9:30am: Coffee & Connect Triple P Open Discussion

Parenting is difficult and new issues and questions seem to pop up every day. This parent group is led by an accredited Triple P practitioner and is intended to provide support and suggestions to help you with these. Come and have a cup of coffee and a light breakfast and connect with other parents through discussions on a variety of parenting issues.

Stepping Stones

Are you the parent or caregiver of a child with a disability? Triple P Stepping Stones is a family intervention program for families of preadolescent children with disabilities. It aims to help parents develop effective management strategies for dealing with a variety of childhood behavior problems and developmental issues. 

All classes will be held at Getz School: 625 W. Cornell Drive, Tempe 85283 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

December 5, 2019 - Positive Parenting for Children with a Disability

Positive parenting is an effective approach to bringing up children that emphasizes the positive and reduces the stress of parenting and makes it more enjoyable. It involves creating a family environment that is loving, supportive and predictable which is important in helping children reach their potential and have rewarding relationships with others. This class will provide parents with some suggestions about how to use positive parenting to bring up children who have a disability.



February 6, 2020 - Helping Your Child Reach Their Potential

Parents have an important role in encouraging children to develop the skills they need to gain confidence and reach their potential. Although most children can pick up new skills simply by watching others, children with a disability sometimes need a more structured approach. This class will provide parents with ideas on how to choose skills to teach children who have a disability and some steps that parents can follow to teach their child these skills.



March 26, 2020 - Changing Problem Behavior into Positive Behavior

Many children with and without disabilities behave in ways that cause problems and are difficult for parents to manage. Problem behaviors can be harmful for a child, interfere with children’s growth and development and sometimes be disruptive for the family as a whole. It is important to try to change or manage these behaviors. This class will provide parents with ideas on understanding why a particular behavior is occurring and practical suggestions on how to promote alternative, desirable behavior.



Group Teen Triple P Series:

Teen Triple P Discussion Groups are for parents or caregivers of teenagers 12 – 16 years of age who would like more information and support around commonly encountered problems in parenting their teens.  Participants learn about positive parenting principles and talk with other parents about the joys and challenges of parenting at this exciting time in their child’s development. 

Groups are 2 hours and are on specific topics that help parents deal with some of the most common challenges of parenting teenagers. A light snack will be provided.


Registration is required for each discussion group you wish to attend. Register at www.tempecommunitycouncil.org or http://tcctriplep.eventbrite.com

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