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Family & Community Support/Resources

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Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)tripplep-logo

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is a system of evidence-based education and support for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents. The system increases parenting skills and parenting confidence by engaging, encouraging and empowering families to address common child and adolescent social, emotional and behavioral problems through a variety of classes and programs offered at convenient locations and times by accredited practitioners. 

Youthfest Changemakers and Courage Awards


The Youthfest Changemakers and Courage Awards is sponsored by the Tempe Diablos and presented by the City of Tempe and in partnership with the Tempe school districts. The first award designation-Courage Awards- honors students who have courageously overcome incredible adversity. These youth preserve with their education while facing life challenging events, such as homelessness, financial hardship, family challenges, illness, and physical disabilities. The other award designation- Tempe Changemakers- celebrates students who are committed to a cause, dedicating themselves to make our community a better place. Whether it's on their school campus or in our community, when they see a problem, they take meaningful action to create positive change. Youthfest is held annually in the Spring. 

Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission (MYAC)


The Tempe Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission (commonly referred to as MYAC) offers youth the opportunity to lead within Tempe, be a voice for young people and get involved in their community through service projects. 24 youth in 8th-12th grade serve each year and are appointed by Council for up to 3 year terms.  They are responsible for planning and hosting a Tempe Youth Town Hall each year in order to gather ideas from Tempe teens on ways the City, schools, community partners and youth themselves can improve the quality of life for youth. MYAC presents Youth Town Hall recommendations to Mayor and Council and the local school district governing boards each year.