The City of Tempe has a strong, motivated workforce of young adults. We want to meet their needs by connecting them to a variety of job opportunities and career resources within Tempe. We're committed to support their success in education and training as they explore job options.

Young adults, students, parents and employers can find information about educational opportunities for those out of school, launching a career and finding a job.

Arizona @ Work - Youth Workforce Services
You are young and not in school but you do have choices. We can help you make decisions in education and career opportunities.

Job Opportunities
Looking for a job?  Here's what available for young adults in Tempe.

Learning & Career
This link to Tempe Public Library's on-line sources can help you build a resume, write a cover letter, and even simulate a job interview. On the education side, take prep tests for high school, the GED, and college.

Youth Volunteer
Need work experience or too young for apply for a job?  See a list of volunteer opportunities available in Tempe.


For more information, please contact Parrish Spisz (480) 350 -8816 /