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Middle School Students

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Experts across the country agree that the college planning process should start in middle school. Taking these important steps now will build a solid foundation for a student’s high school and college experience. Here are a few steps to follow:

1.) Discuss college.

Most middle schoolers have thought about college and only need a gentle push from their parents to make it a focal point. Discussions about career options, interests and goals is a great first step.

2.) Research, research, research.

 Middle school is the time for parents and students to start doing their college homework. Research colleges of interest. Find out how the student’s high school stacks up against 

3.) Understand the financial options.

Start to examine options for loans. See what scholarships and grants are available through schools, cities and non-profit organizations. College Connect offers two scholarships for program participants.

4.) Develop a strong class plan.

Class choice is crucial to a good college experience, and that begins as early as middle school.      

College Connect programs for middle schoolers


College Connect offers several free workshops every year that provide the perfect opportunity for parents and students to familiarize themselves with the college process. Workshop topics range from career prep to financial aid to class choice.

One-on-one appointments

These are free, personalized appointments where parents and students get one-on-one time with a College Connect expert. For middle schoolers, a one-on-one appointment is a great place to start the discussion about career and school interests and class choice.

College Chats

These are smaller sessions with experienced advisors from state and community colleges who can answer questions about college. These are a great way for middle schoolers to ask questions directly to college representatives.

Questions? Call 480-858-7890.