What is Achieve65 Tempe?

On June 14, 2017, Tempe established a degree and certificate attainment goal of 65% by year 2030. In adopting the 65% goal, Tempe is leading the State of Arizona, being the first community to set a goal higher than 60%. The Achieve60AZ initiative and 65% Tempe attainment goal aligns with Council’s strategic priorities, Tempe’s Education Roadmap, and will provide a metric for the Degree Attainment benchmark within the Roadmap. Currently the City and its partners provide several best practice programs that will support Tempe’s achievement of this goal, including Tempe PRE, Experience Corps, We Want You Back, Career Ready Tempe and College Connect

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Statewide Initiative


The goal of Achieve60AZ is to help generate greater public and private awareness, ownership and support for the long-term steps needed in college entry and completion, adult education and training, and identifying and closing skills gaps to better prepare our workforce and our state for the future.

Areas of Focus 

The Attainment State Platform has the key areas of focus as we make thoughtful decisions to move in the direction of 60% attainment. 

Workforce and Business Development

  1. Attract businesses to Arizona with well-educated and highly skilled workers and jobs 
  2. Promote businesses with proven success in fostering certificates and degrees among employees
  3. Develop and expand partnerships between industry and educational providers to align current and future workforce needs 

Postsecondary Access and Success

  1. Work collaboratively to address barriers to credential and degree completion through policies and innovation
  2. Ensure pathways and options for education beyond high school are available to all
  3. Champion strategies to make postsecondary educational options more affordable 

Early Childhood through High School 

  1. Emphasize high school graduation and promote best practices for certificate, college and career readiness
  2. Support students through a pathway process to certificates, college and career 

Systems and Structures

  1. Utilize metrics and data systems to support thoughtful partnerships and collaboration in pursuit of the 60% post high school attainment goal 
  2. Increase public awareness about the options and value of pathways for education beyond high school

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