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TCC Answers Your Questions

Q. I love this community. How do I help provide quality of life for future generations?
A. TCC offers multiple giving opportunities. The Tempe Community Foundation is your chance to leave a legacy. Call 480.858.2300 to learn more.  

Q. Where can I get help with tax preparation?
Free tax preparation for low to moderate wage earners is offered through TCC’s Financial Stability Initiative. Location and hours can be found at www.tempecommunitycouncil.org

Q. Can i donate or obtain prom dresses for free through TCC's Cinderella Affair program?
A. Yes.  TCC has turned over the Cinderella Affair program to the East Valley Women's League.  Information on the Cinderella Affair can be found at www.cinderellaaffair.org.  

Q. I need help paying my water bill, utilities and/or rent; what programs are available to me?
A. The Tempe Salvation Army and Tempe Community Action Agency provide these services for Tempe residents. They can be reached at 480-967-8649 and 480-422-8922 respectively. Information on the hours and locations of these agencies can be found on www.tempecommunitycouncil.org. Click on “get help.”

Q. I am an elderly and/or disabled Tempe resident, where can I get help with my yard work?

A. Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors is the group to work with. For information go to www.tnhn.clubexpress.com.

Q. What is Agency Review?
A. Agency Review is a volunteer, citizen-based review grant process by which the City of Tempe human service dollars are recommended for local nonprofit human service organizations. All recommendations are presented to Tempe City Council for final funding decisions.

Q. What are the sources of funds for Agency Review?
A. Agency Review funds come from the City of Tempe General Revenue Fund, Federal Community Development Block Grants, voluntary water utility customer donations through Together Tempe (formerly Help to Others) program and the Tempe Community Foundation endowment.

Q. What is expected of me as an Agency Review volunteer?
A.  Agency Review volunteers are to attend one (1) training in early January. Each volunteer will be assigned five (5) to nine (9) human services proposals to review, evaluate and generate questions by mid-December. Each volunteer must attend a ½ day of agency interviews in March. Volunteers must declare any conflicts-of-interest to TCC staff throughout the AR process.

Q. What are the Agency Review Policies & Procedures?
A. Agency Review Policies & Procedures are listed in full on www.tempecommunitycouncil.org

Q. I am interested in volunteering in my community. Where can I find out more information about what is going on?
TCC is in process of expanding volunteer opportunities, visit their website at www.tempecommunitycouncil.org for current volunteer opportunities.

Q. Where can I find the latest Community Needs Assessment?

A.  TCC has released the 2017 Human Services Needs Assessment (PDF)

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