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CARE 7 Volunteer Opportunities

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CARE 7 has a long history of utilizing community volunteers. As part of a hybrid response model, volunteers partner with CARE 7 staff and are dispatched out to assist and support Tempe residents at the time of crisis or a traumatic event. Volunteers do not need prior crisis experience; training is provided as part of the onboarding process.

CARE 7 is not recruiting new volunteers at this time, as all volunteer shifts are currently full. When volunteer opportunities arise, an application will be available on this webpage.

Potential volunteers must complete a written application, an interview, multiple ridealongs, a reference check, and a statewide criminal background check. If these steps are completed successfully, the new volunteer is then enrolled in a Crisis Intervention Training Academy. The training covers topics and situations that are frequently encountered by CARE 7 staff and volunteers.

Please call 480-858-2106 for more information on the CARE 7 volunteer process. You may also sign up to have Human Services news and information emailed to you.