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Veterans Telemedicine Program

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Tempe’s Veterans Telemedicine Program brings health care to veterans in their homes

Military veterans with high-risk health conditions who live in Tempe are getting health care in the comfort of their own homes thanks to a partnership between the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department and the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System.  The two entities have joined forces to create a Veterans Telemedicine Program that has been helping some of Tempe's more than 13,000 veterans conserve their health. 

You can learn more about the program by watching our video: Joined Forces: Tempe’s Veterans Telemedicine Program produced by Tempe11.


The program combines an old-fashion house call with modern technology to allow the Tempe fire department’s nursing team and the VA medical staff to concurrently monitor the program participants, who are selected by the Phoenix VA. The registered nurses provide the hands-on health assessment while a VA nurse practitioner consults with the patient via a video conferencing platform to determine any medical needs.

Tempe Fire Medical Rescue provides the nursing team through its Patient Advocacy Services - a community health program created in partnership with Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital to reduce the city’s emergency call volume by giving its residents alternatives to stressful and costly emergency room visits.

The Veterans Telemedicine Program is funded by a gaming grant from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.


Tempe Mayor Mitchell and City Council commend the Veterans Telemedicine Program team for their work with the city's military veterans.

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