Lockbox and Info for Life Programs

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Patient Advocate Services (480)858-7241

Lock boxes and  Info for Life forms are provided by the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department through the Patient Advocate Services and Community Risk Reduction as a free service to qualifying residents.

Secure Lockbox Program

The Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department administers the  Lockbox Program with a sponsorship by the South East Valley Regional Association of Realtors. The Lockbox Program is primarily for seniors who live alone, have a physical disability or a medical condition. 

A lockbox allows fire and emergency personnel access into your home if an emergency situation calls for it rather than using forced entry.

Lockbox combinations are confidential. Residents are asked to place a house key in the lockbox so that emergency personnel can easily access the home.

Your personal information and access instructions are linked to your lockbox and stored in the fire department's database. This allows for storage of confidential information and creates a systematic emergency response.

The Info for Life Program

In an emergency situation, immediate access to medical information can literally save a life. You can assist first responders by giving them information they need.

You fill out a personal information form which includes patient medical and health information. Then the completed form is placed in a magnetic folder on your refrigerator. First responders then can retrieve the form to have access to your important information.

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