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Tempe 9-1-1 Ambulance

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ambulance, paramedic, EMTTempe Fire Medical Rescue has two ambulances with emergency medical services crews that respond to medical emergencies supplementing service provided by a private ambulance company under city contract.

Within five years, the fire department will have a fleet of ambulances along with non-sworn paramedics and emergency medical technicians that will respond to the 9-1-1 calls for medical aid.  Private ambulance companies will continue to provide the city with backup when needed and will continue to provide convalescent or inter-facility transport such as rides to doctor appointments or hospital. Those transportation needs are arranged through health care providers.

Tempe 9-1-1 Ambulance is a fee-based service

Service fees for Tempe 9-1-1 Ambulance are set by the Arizona Department of Health Services through its Arizona Ground Ambulance Service Rate Schedule.  The fees are the same as those for the private ambulance company.

Tempe Fire Medical Rescue uses the service fees to support its ambulance service with a long-term goal of becoming self-sustaining through those revenues.  Fees collected go into an enterprise account called the Emergency Medical Transportation Service Fund.

Patient billing for ambulance service

Patients who had city-provided ambulance service will see a bill directly from Tempe Fire Medical Rescue. Otherwise, patients can expect to receive a bill from Professional Medical Transport, Tempe’s contracted provider, or another private ambulance service company that provided the service.

ambulance, paramedic, EMTFees are based on services rendered and are typically dictated by procedures on the patient’s chart, and will closely follow billing regulations.  The fees are coded as such:

  • ALS (advanced life support) – serious or life-threatening illness or injury that requires a paramedic
  • BLS (basic life support) - illness or injury that is NOT life threatening but requires prompt attention that can be handled by an EMT.
  • Mileage - transport from the scene to a hospital. The mileage is charged down to the tenth of a mile. 

Patients are encouraged to check with their health insurance company to determine what emergency medical services are covered under their insurance plan.

Ambulance billing questions

For questions about your ambulance service billing, please contact the fire department’s ambulance service staff; email or call 480-858-7200.

Medical reports

If a patient would like their medical report, it can be obtained from the fire department’s Medical Services division by calling 480-858-7264 or by sending an email to during business hours.