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480-858-7241 Medical Services

The mission of the Medical Services division is to save lives, reduce suffering and speed recovery from injury and illness by delivering basic life support and advanced life support pre-hospital care medical services, and transportation throughout the community.

Blood Pressure Checks - Free

Staff at fire stations take blood pressure readings for free. When firefighters are out of the station, please check back at a later time or try another station.

No appointment is necessary. Stop by any day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and ring the doorbell located near the main entrance of the fire station.  Find fire station locations by clicking here.

Patient Advocate Services

Many of our medical services can help you take control of your health issues so they don't become emergencies.  You can call us to find out more:

Office phone: 480-858-7241
Cell phone: 480-250-5437

Our professional medical staff can take basic questions over the phone. 

Safe Baby Havens

All Tempe fire stations are safe baby havens where a new mother can physically hand over an unharmed newborn baby within the first 72 hours after birth.

Tempe 9-1-1 Ambulance

Tempe Fire Medical Rescue has two ambulances with emergency medical crews that respond to calls made through the 9-1-1 emergency call system.  The city ambulances supplement the emergency ground transportation provided by private ambulance company under an agreement with the city.

Veterans Telemedicine Program

Veterans with high-risk medical conditions that live in Tempe may be qualified for the Veterans Telemedicine Program.  Fire Medical Rescue and the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System have partnered to bring home health care to those veterans.

More Medical Services in the City

CARE7 - Crisis Response Team

CARE7 provides support and assistance to people in crisis. This Human Services Department team works alongside the Fire Medical Rescue and Police departments to respond to domestic violence, auto accidents, sexual and physical assaults, suicides, homicides, and other unexpected deaths.  Call 480-350-8004 or email

Children’s immunizations in Maricopa County

Please visit these websites to learn where you can go for free shots.  Although, Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department is no longer holding clinics, there are area clinics that serve Tempe residents.

Dementia Friendly Tempe

There are programs and services for families and their loved ones diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. You can attend a free Dementia Friendly Tempe session to learn more about dementia.

Tempe firefighters and department staff have been trained in dementia awareness by Dementia Friendly TempeWatch our training covered by Channel 15 news

Medication Disposal

The Tempe Police Department, the Tempe Coalition, and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office have partnered to establish a permanent MedReturn - drug collection program.