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Fire Station Location Study

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Station Study Documents

In 2014, the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department commissioned ORH Inc. to conduct a Station Location Study to evaluate deployment locations for fire stations in Tempe.  One of the study’s findings revealed that an additional station should be located in southeastern Tempe.

The recommendation in this report to place a station in southeast Tempe backs up conclusions from previous studies done in 1988 and 1994. Station locations in Tempe south of Broadway Road have remained unchanged since 1975; although, Station 2, near Hardy and Southern, gained an engine company at its location in 1985.  No other additions have occurred south of Broadway since 1985.

After a year of reviewing available sites and land acquisition costs, the southwest corner of Estrada Park, near McClintock Dr. and Warner Rd., was identified as the only acceptable location.  The location is city-owned land thus there will be no land acquisition cost. TFMR crews can provide service to the surrounding area within the department’s satisfactory response times.

What follows are some details from the study that will put into perspective the need for the proposed Station 7 at the Estrada Park location. Unless otherwise stated, response times and call for service information are derived from the 2015 study and the projections for Fiscal Year 2024/25.

Summary of Station Location Research

Station Study Maps


Workload is the number of emergency calls responded to by a single resource such as an engine or ladder company.  Station 4 is considered a single resource – it has one engine company.

Supplementing a fire/medical crew response capability should be considered when a single resource is assigned 3,000 or more annual emergency calls, according to the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.

Fiscal Year
Projected Incidents for
south Tempe Stations

 2024/25  St. 4 only
 2024/25  St. 4 / St. 7
 2,771 / 1,426

Response Time: Crew Response and Travel Times

The crew response time is considered the amount of time that passes from when a fire station is notified of an emergency to the TFMR crew’s arrival at that destination. The National Fire Protection Association defines acceptable crew response time to an emergency at no more than 5:20 minutes 90% of the time.

The following chart shows both current and projected TFMR crew response times to the geographic area surrounding Estrada Park. 

Fiscal year

Fire (minutes)

EMS (minutes)




2024/25 St. 4 only



2024/25 with St. 7



Geographic Vulnerability

In the vicinity of McClintock and Warner roads, the backup coverage for emergency service calls, known as redundancy, is provided by both TFMR and the city of Chandler Fire Department.  Station 4’s coverage area is the most vulnerable to longer response times when E274 is engaged in another situation due to its large geographic area.

Using FY 2013/14 numbers, the city-wide increase averaged 36 seconds for fires and 26 seconds for emergency medical service.

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Chandler Location


Station 273



Station 282

Alma School/Warner


Station 289

Chandler /Desert Breeze