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FAQ - Fire Medical Rescue Department

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  • Does the Fire Medical Rescue Department install or assist with car seats?

  • Are grills allowed to be used on apartment balconies?

  • How do I get a job with the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department?

  • Who should I call if I have bees in my yard or house?

  • Do you have staff that will come out and talk to neighborhood or community groups?

  • Where can I get a free blood pressure reading?

  • Does the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department have a disaster supply kit checklist?

  • How do I volunteer to help the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department?

  • How do I schedule a fire station tour?

  • Where are the Tempe Fire stations located?

  • Does Tempe have infant safe havens?

  • How can I prevent burn injuries?

  • How can I get more information about CPR?

  • What type of smoke alarm do I need?

  • What type of water safety devices are available?

  • How can drowning be prevented?

  • How do I report an emergency?

  • What is the Lockbox and Vial of Life Program?