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Fire Inspections

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Tempe Fire, Medical, Rescue Department prides itself in promoting fire prevention practices. This includes plan checks, inspections, and fire safety permits for businesses. The adopted fire code is the 2012 edition of the International Fire Code with Tempe amendments. Contact the Fire Prevention office at 480-858-7230 for a copy of the amendments. For plan review questions email

New Construction
New construction plans review and inspections are conducted by two of our Senior Fire Inspectors, they are located at the Building Safety Division of the Community Development Department, which is located at the Tempe City Hall, East Garden Level, 31 East Fifth Street. Inspections related to fire protection include:
• Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems (AFES), or fire sprinklers, including Fire Pumps and Standpipes
• Fire Alarm Systems
• Occupancy classifications for the use or storage of Hazardous Materials
• Installation or Removal of Tanks for liquid motor fuels and LPG, LNG, CNG
• High-Piled Combustible Storage Occupancies
• Kitchen Hood Fire Protection Systems
• Paint Spray Booths and associated systems
• Special Agent Fire Protection Systems
• Compressed Gas or Medical Gas Systems  

Existing Occupancies

The Fire Prevention Division manages the Company Inspection Program, which consists of assigning each engine and ladder company with a list of occupancies to inspect within their management district. These occupancies consist of commercial buildings, strip malls and office complexes and are inspected on a quarterly basis. In addition, Fire Inspectors from the Fire Prevention Division routinely inspect similar occupancies of a more hazardous nature throughout the year. Fire Inspectors also conduct inspections on those businesses that require a state or city license such as; day care centers, group homes, residential care facilities, medical facilities, bars, taverns and restaurants. In most cases, licensing of these facilities will require a permit and a fee. A list of permit fees can be found in the section titled Inspection and Permit Fees on our web site.

Restaurants and bars are also visited monthly by a team of Fire Inspectors during routine night inspections. Occupancy loads, and proper exiting are of primary concern during these inspections.
self-inspection form is available for low fire risk businesses such as; small office buildings and suites. Completion of this form is voluntary and at no cost to the business. The Self-Inspection program objective is to educate small business owners as to proper fire prevention safety methods and helps to ensure businesses are operating within Tempe’s fire codes. 

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