Candidate Physical Ability Test

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Firefighting requires above average aerobic and anaerobic capacity, muscular endurance and strength, and flexibility. The Candidate Physical Ability Test is a standardized physical ability test adopted by the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue  Department.

The test is designed to identify individuals who have the physical attributes to perform the job of a firefighter. Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department requires successful completion of a CPAT to be eligible for employment.

Applicants must show proof of successfully completing a CPAT within twelve (12) months of being invited to an assessment center and/or to participate in a panel-style interview process.

These guides and classes can help you prepare for the test.

Orientation Guide 

The Orientation Guide provides a detailed description of the CPAT course events and explanation of the “Pass/Fail” scoring system.

Preparation Guide

This guide provides information about basic exercise concepts, specific flexibility, aerobic and strength training exercises, how to design your own exercise program and how to practice some of the events at home.

Preparation Classes

Maricopa Community College District provides CPAT preparation classes and has CPAT official testing sites at these colleges: