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Frequently Asked Questions

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Transfers from outside Tempe

  • Do you accept lateral transfers from other departments/states?
    No, the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department does not.

Firefighter Recruitment / Hiring Process

  • How and where can I go through the training academy?
    Our training academy is designed and operated for those firefighter-recruits who are hired after our testing process.

  • Do I need to be a certified firefighter?
    No, it is not required. However, any training or schooling in the firefighting field may be of assistance in the testing process. 

  • What can I do to prepare for the application process?
    Evaluate any fire science classes offered at a college near you. Be physically fit, specifically in the areas of cardiovascular and upper body strength. Familiarize yourself with fire department operations and programs.  See information about the Recruitment Process and Gaining Experience.

  • How often do you hire?
    We hire off of our eligibility list periodically throughout the year as openings occur from retirement or new positions developed.

Job Positions

  • Do you have paramedic positions?
    Yes. Our paramedic positions are available to firefighters who have been on the job one year after completion of the training academy. At that time they are able to test for this assignment position, which is performed in conjunction with their regular firefighter responsibilities.

Volunteers / Citizen Involvement

  • Do you have a reserve, cadet, or volunteer program?
    Yes, we have a Fire Cadet program and for everyday citizens the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

  • Do you have a citizen ride along program?
    Yes, but it is a limited program and not intended for participants to have regular reoccurring ride-alongs.
    For information call the administrative offices at 480-858-7200.