Management Staff & Deputy Chiefs

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Management Staff

Fire Medical Rescue Chief, Greg Ruiz, 480-858-7212

Assistant Chief, Emergency Services, Craig Fredricks, 480-858-7202

Assistant Chief, Administrative Services, Darrell Duty, 480-858-7219

Assistant Chief Community Risk Reduction/Fire Marshal, Andrea Glass, 480-858-7201

Assistant Fire Marshal, David Fabok, 480-858-7236

Executive Assistant, Stacey Cunningham, 480-858-7203

Fire Budget/Finance Supervisor, Adam Williams, 480-350-2798

Deputy Chiefs

Deputy Chief, A Shift Commander Tony Butch, 480-858-7211

Deputy Chief, B Shift Commander Kevin Bailey, 480-858-7213

Deputy Chief, C Shift Commander Chris Snow, 480-858-7215

Deputy Chief, Medical Services/Community Outreach Kyle Carman, 480-858-7257

Deputy Chief, Special Teams/Programs Mark Manor, 480-858-7209

Deputy Chief, Support Services  Mike Atkinson, 480-858-7258

Deputy Chief, Personnel/Professional Development Victor Garcia, 480-858-7215