Fifth Street Streetscape & Traffic Calming Project

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5th & Hardy After  5th Street Mosiac

To ensure that residents would be able to get around their neighborhood easily and safely by bicycle, bus or walking while reducing high-speed, cut-through traffic and vehicle emissions the Fifth Street project was implemented from Priest Drive to Farmer Avenue. The overall goals of the project were to:
• reduce traffic volume and speed on Fifth Street
• improve the surrounding environment by incorporating landscaping 
• upgrade pedestrian and bicycle facilities
• improve street drainage

To achieve these goals, the city obtained a federal grant for designing traffic calming and pedestrian enhancements to the street, to reduce the traffic volumes and speeds and improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists. In 1995, after widening Priest Drive and opening the Loop 202 freeway entrance, traffic counts on Fifth Street were nearly 10,000 autos per day. The project included narrowed lanes, traffic diverters and traffic chokers, which cut traffic by 40 percent to 6,000 autos per day. The project cost about $3.5 million and was completed in 1999.