13th Street Traffic Calming & Streetscape Project

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13th & Mill After  13th & Farmer After

The ¾ mile long project area includes 13th Street between Mill Avenue and Hardy Drive. The overall goal of the traffic-calming project was to make 13th Street a better place for bicyclists and pedestrians by providing improved facilities while reducing the speeds and volumes of vehicular traffic. 

Features of the project included:
• replacing four foot sidewalks with six foot sidewalks,
• replacing rounded (roll) curbs with vertical curbs,
• providing ADA-compliant ramps,
• adding sidewalk bulbouts at side streets,
• adding six foot bike lanes,
• moving overhead utility lines underground,
• adding landscaping to the existing vegetation along the street,
• constructing an artist-designed entry monument, and
• constructing traffic calming measures including four-way stops, speed tables and medians.

Funding sources for the project include Federal CMAQ funds totaling $705,000. The remainder of the funding was obtained from the Tempe Capital Improvements Fund. The approximate total cost for design and construction is $2 million. The project was completed in 2006.