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Tempe Transit History

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1990: Transit Plan Adopted PDF

1991: Tempe Bicycle Plan Adopted PDF

1994: Implemented Flash (Free Local Area Shuttle) bus route

1995: Tempe Bicycle Plan Update Adopted PDF

1996: Tempe residents passed a half cent dedicated sales tax with no sunset for transit services and bike projects

1996: Added Sunday bus service in Tempe

1997: Tempe Designated Bicycle Friendly Community by League of American Bicyclists

1998: Implemented 30-minute frequency on all bus routes in Tempe

1998: City Council voted to support Major Investment Rail Study results

1999: Extended bus service in Tempe until midnight on most routes

1999: Implemented bus routes on Hardy Drive, Guadalupe Road, Elliot Road and Warner Road

1999: Implemented Flash Lite bus route (which was later discontinued)

2000: Completed 5th Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project

2000: Implemented 15-minute frequency on most bus routes in Tempe during rush hour

2000: Extended bus service in Tempe until 1 a.m. on most routes

2001: Implemented the first neighborhood circulator route (Neighborhood Flash)

2002: Opened the Tempe Transit Store

2002: Completed Crosscut Canal Phase 1, Kyrene Canal, Rio Salado south bank, and Spence Avenue multi-use paths 

2003: Built College Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge 

2004: Completed 13th Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project

2004: Built Country Club Way Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

2005: Created Tempe Youth Free Transit Pass Program

2007: Opened East Valley Bus Operations & Maintenance Facility

2007-2008: Changed Neighborhood Flash to Orbit and implemented 5 routes (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter)

2008: Opened (certified LEED platinum in 2014) Tempe Transportation Center

2008: Light Rail began

2009: Don Cassano Room dedicated                                                                                        

2009: Completed Tempe Canal multi-use path

2010: Completed Western Canal multi-use path 

2010: Len Copple Courtyard dedicated at Tempe Transportation Center

2010: Completed Mitchell Park East/West Improvements Project 

2011: Completed Crosscut Canal Phase 2 multi-use path

2011: Built Tempe Town Lake Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

2011: Completed College Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project

2011: Redesignated a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists                     

2012: Six day bus strike occurs in March

2013: Implemented "pilot" program for Regional Public Transit Authority to operate all Tempe buses  

2013: Four day bus strike occurs in August

2014: Completed Hardy Drive and University Drive Streetscape Projects    

2015: Tempe bus service operations operated by Regional Public Transit Authority

2015: Completed El Paso Gasline Multi-use Path

2015: Adopted the Transportation Master Plan PDF

2015: Created the BIKEiT Program

2015: Designated "Gold Level" Bicycle Friendly Community

2015: Added bike lanes to McClintock Drive from Apache Boulevard to Guadalupe Road

2016: Completed Broadway Road Streetscape Project

2016: Completed portion of Rio Salado Multi-use Path from McClintock Drive to Mesa

2017: Completed Rio Salado Multi-Use Path Underpass at Priest Drive 

2017: Implemented Orbit Saturn Route

2017: Launched Tempe's Bike Share Program

2018: Tempe becomes first Vision Zero city in Arizona

2019: Re-designated "Gold Level" Bicycle Friendly Community

2020: Completed Highline Canal Multi-use Path