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1990 Tempe Transit Plan PDF

1995 Tempe Bicycle Plan PDF

2000 Multi-use Path Plan PDF

2015 Transportation Master Plan PDF

Intersection Sight Distance Requirements PDF 

In order for vehicles at intersections to safely cross or make turns onto a through street, adequate sight distance must be provided. Intersection sight distance requirements ensure that an intersection and a certain distance along the intersecting street remain clear of landscaping, fences, signs, buildings, etc. that would obstruct a driver’s view of opposing traffic. These requirements apply to all streets, alleys or driveways that intersect a public collector or arterial street.

Railroad Quiet Zone


Over the years, the city of Tempe commissioned research firms to complete surveys of Tempe residents in an effort to gain insights into perceptions about public transit, among both riders and non-riders. The reports analyze the data collected by the survey and, where appropriate, compare responses of the residents by meaningful demographic variables, as well as to data from past studies. 

Transit Market Research Reports

Transit History

Transportation Impact Studies PDF

This policy is to provide for consistency in preparation of Transportation Impact Studies using established criteria. It has been prepared for the purpose of assisting consultants, developers and others interested in evaluating transportation impacts within the City of Tempe. Consultants are invited to discuss proposed projects with Transportation Division staff prior to beginning the analysis. Doing so will provide an opportunity to discuss and determine parameters to be used and open a communication link between city staff and the developer/consultant. This communication will help in creating land uses with transportation characteristics that are in the best interest of the entire community.