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El Paso Path Improvements Project

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Documents from October 16 and 19, 2019 public meetings: 

Online comment was taken from Oct. 16 to 30, 2019.   

Documents from August 20 and 24, 2019 public meetings: 

Online public comment was taken from August 20 to Sept. 5, 2019. 


The El Paso Gasline path project (between Price and McClintock) was built in 1994 from a neighborhood grant request to clean up the easement behind their homes from becoming a dumping ground of large household items.  The project evolved into a walking path, between Price Road and Country Club Way, to encourage local neighborhood resident activity along the easement to provide additional eyes to watch the area and discourage illegal trash dumping.  The first improvements included a 6’ path, landscaping, and lighting.  The success of the of the initial project in cleaning up the alley resulted in the second phase in 1997 as requested by the neighborhood residents living west of the Optimist Park for the segment of the easement between Kenwood Lane and Heather Drive.   

Considering the popularity and constant heavy use of the path, the age of the lighting equipment, the damages to the landscaping from severe weather conditions; the path needs to be refreshed and refurbished. There are two scheduled maintenance projects for the El Paso paths programmed within a year of each other.  The initial project is a lighting replacement and upgrade followed by a landscaping refresh with concrete improvements. In the interest of minimizing the impact on the neighborhood and damaging any of the improved lighting fixtures, as well as, generating project cost savings, these projects have been consolidated into a single path improvement project to be implemented at the same time.  In addition, Optimist Park residents and Tempe’s Transportation Commission also requested staff to explore and provide a design solution to eliminate the gap of the pathway between Country Club Way and Kenwood Lane.  Staff has approached Tempe Elementary School District 3 about securing an easement across Fuller Elementary School as part of the path alignment.

This project has approximately $1,250,000 dedicated and programmed through Tempe’s Pathway Capital Maintenance Program. 

A public meeting about the replacement lighting occurred on Sept. 27, 2016. Comments were taken from Sept. 27 to Oct. 11, 2016. Read the comments taken in September and October 2016.pdf. 

A public meeting was held on Nov. 5, 2018 to discuss the progress of the project.  View the meeting materials.pdf. Online comment was available from Nov. 5 to Nov. 19, 2018. Read the comments PDF. 

For more information, contact Project Manager, Robert Yabes, at 480-350-2734.