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Arizona State University in Tempe

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Arizona State University plays a significant role in the City of Tempe. With it's 55,000 students, ASU is like a city within our city. In fact, its population is larger than many cities in Arizona. 

Since the university's inception in the 1800s, Tempe and ASU have been inseparable partners, working together to foster a knowledgeable, successful community of students, residents, researchers and business leaders. 

While ASU makes up about 650 acres within Tempe, the connection between ASU and Tempe is intertwined far more than simply geography. ASU and Tempe work together on cultural opportunities, traditional events, tourism, research, student housing and economic development issues. 

Economic Development

Money Shot webStadium District 
ASU and the City of Tempe have teamed up to use proceeds from redevelopment to renew athletic facilities in Tempe. Novus Innovation Corridor willtransform the 330-acre Athletic Facilities District at the northeast end of the Tempe campus. The plan includes new and renovated NCAA athletic facilities with more than seven million square feet of office, multifamily residential, hospitality and retail space, interconnected with vibrant sidewalks, bicycle paths and urban open spaces.

ASU is curing disease, helping explore space and creating amazing new inventions every day. More than $600 million in research partnerships happen at ASU. 

ASU is teaching its students how to be successful business owners. This makes Tempe a more successful community.

Graduating thousands of qualified students into the workforce each year helps Tempe attract and retain exceptional businesses. The city's population is 161,000 people. Our workforce is nearly equal that and more than 40 percent of our residents over the age of 25 have a Bachelor's Degree or better. 


ASU also employs more than 22,000 professional staff, students and faculty with a payroll of more than $910 million in its four campuses. 


ASU has some truly outstanding architecture. From the grandeur of Frank Lloyd Wright's ASU Gammage and the Old Main building to the innovative Global Institute of Sustainability, ASU's buildings are interesting. Take a tour.

Sparky at lakeSun Devil Athletics 

The ASU Sun Devils are a huge part of Tempe's community spirit. Experience a home football game and tailgate party in the heart of downtown Tempe. Sparky will lead the charge to victory! 

Beyond football, ASU mens and women's teams are strong and the facilities are awesome. Olympian Michael Phelps trains at the ASU Mona Plummer Swimming facility. 


ASU Gammage
Take in a Broadway show or listen to a well-known speaker at ASU Gammage. 

Whether you would prefer to browse paintings at the Nelson Fine Art Center or explore the Mars Space Flight Facility, ASU has more than two dozen museums, galleries and exhibition centers for your learning and enjoyment. 

Always Something to Do
Check out ASU's calendar of events for a variety of opportunities to look at stars, hear internationally-acclaimed speakers, watch student movies or just hang out.

Explore the campus. 
Take a virtual tour and experience everything the university has to offer. 

Living Here

bikesStudent Housing 
Those 55,000 students have to live somewhere. ASU offers a variety of dorms in Tempe. Many students also choose to live off campus. The vibrant student population is an important part of Tempe.  

ASU students don't just drive to campus. Last year, they took 2 million light rail rides and there were 17,500 bikes on campus each day.