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Tempe, Arizona - Making Waves in the Desert

Tempe isn’t your ordinary city. Our community got its start because someone figured out a way to cross an uncrossable river. Charles Trumbull Hayden turned that knowledge into a thriving ferry business. Soon, an entire city evolved.  

Solving problems creatively is part of our city's DNA. Nobel Prize-winners, Olympic gold medalists and best-selling authors are part of our community, sharing their talents with the next generation of creative thinkers. Bands like the Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments and Authority Zero got their start here.  

Good isn't good enough in Tempe. We're in this to make the world a better place. Join us.  

Who We Are
Tempe is a top technology center in Arizona and a leading choice for major corporations. Major city initiatives focus on sustainability, quality of life, open data, performance metrics, and inclusivity.

  • Centered in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area 
  • 10 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Median age is 28.1 years
  • 42 percent of residents have Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Tempe is an importer of employees – over 210,000 are employed in our city
  • Tempe is 40 square miles
  • Population of 182,000
  • About 17,000 businesses are in Tempe