CARE7 Crisis Response Team

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City of Tempe Municipal Volunteer Program

The CARE 7 Crisis Response Team is a group of dedicated and professionally trained staff and community volunteers who provide 24-hour, on-scene, crisis intervention services in Tempe. The Team provides immediate high-quality crisis intervention, support and referral. The partnership links Fire and Police with Social Services to provide on-scene emotional support and follow-up to community members who have been faced with trauma.

The Team recruits new volunteers as the need arises, approximately once a year.  Volunteers complete a 33-hour Crisis Intervention Training Program. The $45 tuition is donated to the Victim Assistance Fund and is also utilized for volunteer recognition. Volunteers commit to six hours of service per month for a minimum of one year. Volunteers must be at least 21 years old, able to climb stairs and lift small children. All Team members meet on a monthly basis to receive continuing education and to discuss calls for service.

CARE 7 is dispatched to calls through the emergency 911 system in an eight-passenger van. The Team responds from a Tempe Fire Station to traumatic incidents, sexual assault, homicide, robberies, attempted or completed suicide, drowning, domestic violence, house fire, loss of loved ones and serious injury accidents. On the crisis scene, CARE 7 is able to fully focus on the emotional and practical needs of the family and/or individual in crisis while the Police and Fire personnel attend to law enforcement, medical emergency, and fire suppression needs.

For more information on the CARE 7 program or to get on the mailing list to be notified of the next information/recruitment session, please call (480)350-8032.

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