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Elmore Pedestrian Bridge

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The Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge has a new name. The Tempe City Council dedicated the bridge on March 18 to the man whose passion led to the creation of Tempe Town Lake, James Elmore, ASU’s founding Dean of Architecture.  

Dean James Elmore portrait

The dedication coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the ASU College of Architecture project that resulted in the Rio Salado Project, the predecessor to Tempe Town Lake.  A series of interpretative plaques explaining the history of the Rio Salado Project and Tempe Town Lake will be installed to the west of the bridge, along with a dedication plaque to Elmore. Plaques are being donated by Gretchen Wilder. Find out more about the history of Dean James Elmore and the Rio Salado Project at

“James Elmore was a champion of Tempe Town Lake for more than 40 years, from encouraging the College of Architecture to take on the Salt River as a project to bringing the student ideas to those who could make them reality,” said David Scheatzle, a Professor Emeritus for the ASU College of Architecture. “Associating his name with the beautiful pedestrian bridge at the west end of the Tempe Town Lake seems most appropriate for someone so dedicated to this vision.”

The bridges of Tempe Town Lake show some of the thoughtful architecture that has been part of Tempe's geography. From the beautiful Mill Avenue bridges to the light rail bridge and the pedestrian bridge, great care has been taken to showcase the beauty and innovative spirit of our community. 

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