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Tempe Historic Property Survey

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The Tempe Historic Property Survey was a collaborative project produced by Janus Associates, Inc., and the Tempe Historical Society, and funded by a grant from the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office. Phase I of the survey (1980-1981) involved identifying more than 350 buildings and structures in Tempe that exhibited potential historical and/or architectural significance. Phase II (1982-1983) involved research and documentation of the 150 most significant resources. More than a dozen volunteers completed most of the research under the direction of Museum Director Susan Wilcox and Cindy Myers of Janus Associates. The research collection that was compiled as a result of this project includes individual files on 158 historic properties. Of those most important buildings and structures that were studied in 1983, only 60% are still standing today. 

The City of Tempe Historic Preservation Office recently commissioned a second Historic Property Survey. This study includes hundreds of other buildings that were built in the 1930s and '40s. Generally, a building must be at least fifty years old before it can receive recognition as a historic building.

Number  Building Name     Location 
--------  -----------------   -------------- 
HPS-101 Jesus Miranda Homestead 1992 E. University (demolished) 
HPS-102 Morrow/Hudson House 1203 E. Alameda 
HPS-103 Eisendrath House 1400 N. College 
HPS-104 Manley Rental Cottage 114 E. 7th Street 
HPS-105 Walker/Montgomery House 118 E. 7th Street 
HPS-106 William H. Perry House 113 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-107 Sachs/Goodwin House Originally at 116 E. 6th Street/Moved to Olde Towne Square (150 S. Ash) 
HPS-108 Lewis S. Neeb House 204 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-109 Nielson Rental/Wickliffe House 208 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-110 Park/Hart House 125 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-111 Harrington/Birchett House 202 E. 7th Street 
HPS-112 Curt W. Miller House 116 W. 4th Street (demolished) 
HPS-113 Roche/Bassett House 420 S. Maple (demolished) 
HPS-114 Dines/Hight House Originally at 120 W. 7th Street/Moved to 508 W. 5th Street 
HPS-115 Cosner/Ensign House 114 W. 7th Street (demolished) 
HPS-116 Frame and Stucco House 115 W. 5th Street (demolished) 
HPS-117 Newton/Warner House (Methodist Parsonage) Originally at 718 S. Maple/Moved to Olde Towne Square (150 S. Ash) 
HPS-118 Steward House 612 S. Maple (demolished) 
HPS-119 Brown/Strong House 604 S. Ash 
HPS-120 Page/Tomlinson/Brechan House 1993 E. University (demolished) 
HPS-121 Clyde Gililland House 928 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-122 Sidney B. Moeur House 903 S. Ash 
HPS-123 Byron Redden House 948 S. Ash 
HPS-124 Frame Houses 1645 E. 8th Street (demolished) 
HPS-125 Hiatt/Barnes House 1104 S. Ash 
HPS-126 Lowell Redden House 333 E. Carver Road 
HPS-127 Frankenberg/Van Petten House 2080 E. Southern (demolished) 
HPS-128 Wetmore Ranch 48th Street & Baseline (demolished) 
HPS-129 Empey/Coleman House 1224 W. Baseline (demolished) 
HPS-130 Ramsey/Painter House Guadalupe & Kyrene (demolished) 
HPS-131 Carns/Buck House 902 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-132 Frame House 500 W. Brown Street 
HPS-133 E. A. Murphy House 802 S. Farmer (demolished) 
HPS-134 R. J. Schweppe House 202 E. 5th Street (demolished) 
HPS-135 Johnson/McLean House 108 W. University (demolished) 
HPS-136 Adobe Bungalow 600 W. 5th Street 
HPS-137 B. H. Scudder Rental House 725 S. Ash (demolished) 
HPS-138 Frame House 520 W. 1st Street (demolished) 
HPS-139 J. D. Cooper Saloon 202 W. 5th Street (demolished) 
HPS-140 Grady Gammage Auditorium Mill & Apache (Arizona State University campus) 
HPS-141 Goodwin Building 512-518 S. Mill 
HPS-142 Gonzales/Martinez House 302 W. 1st Street 
HPS-143 Frame House 25 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-144 B. B. Moeur Rental Cottage 31 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-145 B. B. Moeur Rental Cottage 29 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-146 Charles Hayden House/La Casa Vieja 3 W. 1st Street 
HPS-147 Adobe House 1963 E. University 
HPS-148 Gov. Benjamin B. Moeur House 34 E. 7th Street/634 S. Myrtle 
HPS-149 Ellingson Warehouse 24 W. 7th Street (burned) 
HPS-150 Tempe Cotton Exchange Seedhouse 710 S. Ash (demolished) 
HPS-151 Tempe Creamery/Borden Company 1300-1360 E. 8th Street 
HPS-152 Tempe Creamery Office 1350 E. 8th Street (Old 8th St.) 
HPS-153 Kloss/Daggs/Nielsen House 202 E. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-154 Latter Day Saints Church E. 6th Street & College (demolished) 
HPS-155 John "The Miller" Sievers House 116 W. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-156 Samuel Openshaw House 104 W. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-157 F. V. Cummins Rental Duplex 614 S. Maple (demolished) 
HPS-158 Dashner/Harelson House 105 W. 7th Street (demolished) 
HPS-159 Sampson/Tupper House Originally at 109 W. 6th Street/Moved to 601 W. 3rd Street 
HPS-160 Mariano Gonzales House 636 W. 1st Street 
HPS-161 Frame House 916 S. Maple 
HPS-162 B. H. Scudder Rental House 911 S. Maple Avenue (demolished) 
HPS-163 Elliott House 1010 S. Maple 
HPS-164 Windes/Bell House 24 W. 9th Street 
HPS-165 W. A. Moeur House/Casey Moore's 850 S. Ash 
HPS-166 Orlo Buck House 112 W. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-167 Stelzreide/Bangs House 117 W. 6th Street (demolished) 
HPS-168 Ramon Chavez House 927 S. Farmer 
HPS-169 Scudder Rental/Osburn House 907 S. Ash 
HPS-170 Old Main Arizona State University campus 
HPS-171 President's House/Virginia G. Piper Writers House Arizona State University campus 
HPS-172 Matthews Hall Arizona State University campus 
HPS-173 Green/Kasson Ranch 301 E. Carver Road (demolished) 
HPS-174 Dwight G. Hudson House 545 W. Guadalupe (demolished) 
HPS-175 Alcaria Jones House 708 S. Lindon Lane 
HPS-176 Francis Cocke House 9404 S. Rural Road (demolished) 
HPS-177 Tee Green House 1246 E. Lemon Street (demolished) 
HPS-178 Still/Cocke House 1320 S. Priest Drive (demolished) 
HPS-179 Poil/Hampton House 4070 S. Priest Drive (demolished) 
HPS-180 Frame and Stucco House 1960 E. Don Carlos Avenue 
HPS-181 Frame House 121 S. Wilson 
HPS-182 Frame House 1501 W. Warner (demolished) 
HPS-183 Cross Cut Power Plant Center Parkway 
HPS-184 Frame House Mill Avenue, north of Salt River (burned) 
HPS-185 Tempe Depot West 3rd Street & Railroad Avenue 
HPS-186 Watson's Flowers 2525 W. Main (Mesa-Tempe border) 
HPS-187 Kyrene School 8700 S. Kyrene Road (demolished) 
HPS-188 Frame Bungalow 111 W. 5th Street (demolished) 
HPS-189 Board and Batten House 109 W. 5th Street (demolished) 
HPS-190 Tempe Beach Stadium West 1st Street & Ash 
HPS-191 SRP Chief Machinist's House 740 N. Mill Avenue (demolished) 
HPS-192 Hotel Casa Loma 320 S. Mill/398 S. Mill 
HPS-193 Hayden Flour Mill 119 S. Mill 
HPS-194 Mullen/Van Petten House 918 S. Mill 
HPS-195 Robert K. Minson House/Alleluia Lutheran Ministry 1034 S. Mill 
HPS-196 Heineman & Gill/Laird & Dines Building 1 E. 5th Street/501 S. Mill 
HPS-197 Frame House 298 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-198 Adobe House 330 S. Farmer 
HPS-199 Frame House 806 S. Farmer (demolished) 
HPS-200 Charles W. Alexander House 522 W. University Drive (demolished) 
HPS-201 White Dairy Barn/Murphy's Pub 1810 E. Apache 
HPS-202 Wigwam Auto Court/Tempe Tee Pees 634 E. Apache Boulevard (demolished) 
HPS-203 George N. Gage House 115 W. University 
HPS-204 Rohrig School 2328 E. University Drive (demolished) 
HPS-205 Elias/Rodriguez House 927 E. 8th Street 
HPS-206 Administration/Science Building Arizona State University campus 
HPS-207 Moeur Activity Building Arizona State University campus 
HPS-208 Krause Hall Arizona State University campus (demolished) 
HPS-209 D. J. Frankenberg House 2222 S. Price Road 
HPS-210 Frame House 1210 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-211 O. W. Judd House 1208 S. Farmer 
HPS-212 Petersen Rental House 15 W. 7th Street (demolished) 
HPS-213 Frame House 408 W. University Drive (demolished) 
HPS-214 Tenth Street School 10th Street & Myrtle (burned) 
HPS-215 Miller Block 418-422 S. Mill (demolished) 
HPS-216 Rundle's Market/Pay'n Takit Market 730 S. Mill (demolished) 
HPS-217 Industrial Arts/Anthropology Building Arizona State University campus 
HPS-218 Stolberg Cottage 218 E. 7th Street (demolished) 
HPS-219 Stolberg Cottage 220 E. 7th Street 
HPS-220 Ralph L. McDonald House 222 E. 7th Street 
HPS-221 Carter/Cummins House 839 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-222 Hugh Laird House 821 S. Farmer 
HPS-223 Spear/Mills House 1015 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-224 Adolph Clark House 923 S. Maple 
HPS-225 Saylor/Bertelsen House 940 S. Ash 
HPS-226 Mill Avenue Bridge Salt River at Mill Avenue 
HPS-227 Ash Avenue Bridge Salt River at Ash Avenue (demolished) 
HPS-228 Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge Salt River at Ash Avenue 
HPS-229 Bankhead Highway/Old 8th Street E. 8th Street (Old 8th St.) (demolished) 
HPS-230 Joseph E. Johnson House 720 S. Mill Avenue (demolished) 
HPS-231 B. H. Scudder Rental/Prefab 919 S. Maple 
HPS-232 Kirkland-McKinney Ditch E. 8th Street & Rural (covered) 
HPS-233 Stone House 2124 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-234 Frame and Stucco House 2130 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-235 Mount Carmel/St. Mary's Church 230 E. University 
HPS-236 Tempe Bakery/Hackett House 401-405 S. Maple/95 W. 4th Street 
HPS-237 Petersen/Chipman Building 409-413 S. Mill (burned and rebuilt) 
HPS-238 Vienna Bakery 415 S. Mill 
HPS-239 Samuel C. Long House Originally at 27 E. 6th Street/Moved to Olde Towne Square (150 S. Ash) 
HPS-240 Josephine Frankenberg House Originally at 129 E. University Drive/Moved to Olde Towne Square (150 S. Ash) 
HPS-241 Andre Building 401-403 S. Mill 
HPS-242 Niels Petersen House 1414 W. Southern 
HPS-243 Farmer/Goodwin House 820 S. Farmer 
HPS-244 Tempe Hardware Building 520 S. Mill 
HPS-245 Ollerton House 1004 S. Mill Avenue (demolished) 
HPS-246 Science/Agriculture Building Arizona State University campus 
HPS-247 Matthews Library Arizona State University campus 
HPS-248 Dr. W. E. Patterson House 35 W. 12th Street 
HPS-249 Wilkie/Pueblo Revival House 1290 S. Maple 
HPS-250 Wood/Fox/MacLennan House 1971 E. University Drive (demolished) 
HPS-251 Tempe City Hall 31 E. 5th Street 
HPS-252 Quonset Huts N. College Avenue & Curry Road (demolished) 
HPS-253 Double Butte Cemetery 2201 W. Broadway Road 
HPS-254 Dick's Market/Faubian Art Gallery 523 W. University Drive 
HPS-255 Moeur Park Ramadas/Structures N. Mill Avenue 
HPS-256 Tempe Beach Rec. Bldgs./Pool/Bath House 54 W. 1st Street (demolished) 
HPS-257 Escalante House 1200 W. University Drive 
HPS-258 F. L. Giles House 1016 W. University Drive 
HPS-259 Dirickson Residence 1014 W. University Drive 
HPS-260 Dirickson Rental 1004 W. University Drive 
HPS-261 Munger Rental 15 E. 7th Street 
HPS-262 Munger Rental 17 E. 7th Street 
HPS-263 Church of God 34 E. University Drive 
HPS-264 First Congregational Church 609 S. Myrtle 
HPS-265 Harold O. Richardson House 107 E. 7th Street 
HPS-266 Norman Dibble House 111 E. 7th Street 
HPS-267 Ira B. Judd House 115 E. 7th Street 
HPS-268 Anna R. Stewart House 119 E. 7th Street 
HPS-269 Duplex House 208 E. 7th Street 
HPS-270 J. T. Nicholson House 213 E. 6th Street 
HPS-271 Grinder Rental 213 E. 6th Street 
HPS-272 Charles H. Merritt House 216 E. 7th Street 
HPS-273 La Tolteca Restaurant 216 E. University Drive 
HPS-274 Laura Dobbs House 222 E. University Drive 
HPS-275 August Bauer House 599 W. 5th Street 
HPS-276 Rental House 523 W. 5th Street 
HPS-277 Dora M. Miller House 513 W. 5th Street 
HPS-278 Paul Young House 511 W. 5th Street 
HPS-279 J. W. Burket House 501 W. 5th Street 
HPS-280 Robert Tanner House 506 W. 5th Street 
HPS-281 Irvine Rental 117 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-283 Koriath Residence 440 W. 5th Street 
HPS-284 Frame House 600 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-285 Bernard Baumgartner House 604 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-286 C. J. Wynn House 416 W. University Drive 
HPS-287 Swanson/Henshaw House 414 W. University Drive 
HPS-288 Gertrude F. Clarke House 412 W. University Drive 
HPS-289 Milton D. Webb House 816 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-290 Harry C. Mitchell House 1017 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-291 Jack C. Steward House 1009 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-292 Jack B. McDonald House 1001 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-293 Palmer House 925 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-294 John L. Pyrtle House 917 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-295 W. W. Mitchell, Jr., House 909 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-296 Glenn Shaffer House 901 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-297 Lawrence Tenney Stevens House 519 W. University Drive 
HPS-298 W. W. Mitchell, Sr., House 816 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-299 Havens/Cognata House 820 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-300 L. Alton Riggs House 824 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-301 Markley/Alber House 518 W. 9th Street 
HPS-302 O. C. Frisk House 431 W. 9th Street 
HPS-303 J. E. McFarland House 915 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-304 Dale W. Hand House 919 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-305 George W. McGlothin House 921 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-306 Ellertson Rental 925 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-307 Jimmy O. Roberts House 924 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-308 Redden Rental 1008 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-309 Thompson Rental 1222 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-310 Jewel C. French House 1118 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-311 Eugene W. Desjardin House 1114 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-312 Mrs. Ray H. Eden House 1110 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-313 Oliver Tonkyro House 1106 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-314 Wilt Residence 404 W. 11th Street 
HPS-315 W. J. Tucker House 1036 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-316 Albert O. Folson House 950 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-317 Arthur Bell House 922 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-318 Sallie Starkey House 920 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-319 Ernest Baskins House 914 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-320 Shumway House 809 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-321 Smith/Lay House 815 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-323 Alfred Moody House 835 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-324 Mills House 1005 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-325 Steven N. Sussex 1115 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-326 Clyde Akers House 1211 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-327 J. C. Longer House 1215 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-328 F. S. Diefenderfer House 1223 S. Farmer Avenue 
HPS-329 Erickson Rental 209 W. 10th Street 
HPS-330 Lindley Rental 249 W. 9th Street 
HPS-331 Robert T. Bertelsen House 944 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-332 M. S. Mitchum House 1002 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-333 M. S. Mitchum House 1016 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-334 A. O. Hahns House 1018 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-335 Art L. Bunger House 1022 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-336 Waltz House 1026 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-338 Isham F. Collier House 1116 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-339 Gov. Howard Pyle House 1120 S. Ash 
HPS-340 Harkins/Fireman House 1122 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-341 Harkins/Fireman House 1126 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-342 Walter L. Ward House 1130 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-343 Harry Mitchum House 1136 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-344 Thomas/Rollands House 1200 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-345 Douglas/Gitlis Residence 1206 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-346 W. R. Evants House 1210-12 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-347 Robert Svob House 1216 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-348 Goher Rental 1222 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-349 William G. Walker House 1225 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-350 Seehafer Rental 1217 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-351 John T. McGrath House 1209 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-352 Ahmadzadeh Rental 1205 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-353 Michael R. Barnes House 1203 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-354 Robert N. Plummer House 1127 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-355 Arnold H. Bullock House 1121 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-356 M. M. Floyd House 1117 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-357 James Share House 1111 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-358 R. C. Wood House 1029 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-359 Shores Residence 1021 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-360 Roger Shouse House 1019 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-361 Robert G. Treet House 1015 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-362 Church of Christ 971 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-363 John T. Overby House 969 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-364 Frank J. Toepfer House/Nelson Rental 961 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-365 Carrick/Scudder House 959 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-366 Dukes Rental 823 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-367 Gilbert Residence 821 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-368 Bradbury House 812 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-369 Batchelor Rental 818 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-370 Dale Lodge House 832 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-371 Asbury House 904 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-372 John Grenkon House 908 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-373 Williams Residence 912 S. Maple 
HPS-374 J. R. Walker House 922 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-375 Carl H. Spain House 928 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-376 Bolman House 934 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-377 Galway Rental 936 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-378 Paul A. Trimble House 1002 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-379 Traynor Residence 1008 S. Maple 
HPS-380 Ralph W. Fowler House 1022 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-381 Ruth Rental 1024 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-382 Dooley Residence 1026 S. Maple 
HPS-383 Dooley Rental W. 11th Street 
HPS-385 Raymond Rental 1108 S. Maple 
HPS-386 Funk/Guthrie House 1114 S. Maple 
HPS-387 Harvey S. Harelson House 1118 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-388 Bell House 1180 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-389 Allen/Mercer House 1190 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-390 Sheinbein Rental 109 W. 12th Street 
HPS-391 Sheinbein Rental 1204 & 1204-1/2 S. Maple 
HPS-394 A. S. Oakley, Jr., House 1216 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-395 Stevenson/West/Nucci House 1220 S. Maple 
HPS-396 Braun/Gutierres Rental 50 W. 13th Street 
HPS-397 Baird/Pilcher House 1225 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-398 Dilworth Baird House 1221 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-399 Collopy Rental 1215 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-400 Floyd Miller House 1209 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-401 Dr. Ernest Pohle House 1191 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-402 Rudy H. Lavik House 1185 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-403 Dillon Rental 1111 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-404 Harper/Hoag Residence 1109 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-405 Douglas Rental 1105 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-406 H. Clay Skinner House 1101 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-407 William F. Baker House 1029 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-408 Row/Jablonsky House 1017 S. Maple 
HPS-409 Nay/Carraway House 1005 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-410 Permanent Wave Shop Building 1001 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-411 Thompson House 15 W. 10th Street 
HPS-412 Williams Rental 949 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-414 Tseffos Rental 921 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-415 McGinnis Rental 915 S. Maple Avenue 
HPS-416 Harold C. Strong House 19 W. 9th Street 
HPS-417 Fenn J. Harris House 823 S. Maple 
HPS-418 James Gaines House 821 S. Maple 
HPS-419 Goodwin/Saylor House 930 S. Mill 
HPS-420 M. E. Jones House 944 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-421 Dr. O'Neill Office 946 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-422 Gammage House 1100 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-423 Joe Selleh House 1104 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-424 Carter House 1110 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-425 W. G. Hill House 1170 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-426 First Interstate Bank Rental 1170 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-427 Laird House 1190 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-428 Simpson Rental 1202 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-429 Simpson House 1204 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-430 A. C. Butler House 1220 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-431 Tempe Women's Club 1290 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-432 First National Motor Bank 811 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-433 Methodist Church Hall 807 S. Forest Avenue 
HPS-434 Home Management & Nursery Building Arizona State University campus 
HPS-435 Lyceum Theater Arizona State University campus 
HPS-436 West Hall Arizona State University campus 
HPS-437 Dixie Gammage Hall Arizona State University campus 
HPS-438 Irish Hall Arizona State University campus 
HPS-439 Men's Gymnasium Arizona State University campus 
HPS-440 Valley National Bank 826 E. Apache Boulevard (demolished) 
HPS-441 Lamann Rental 19 E. 13th Street 
HPS-442 Thoren House 7 E. 13th Street 
HPS-443 Spangler Residence 1303 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-444 Church on Mill 1300 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-445 Baptist Church Ancillary Residence 29 W. 13th Street 
HPS-446 Baptist Church Ancillary Residence 31 W. 13th Street 
HPS-447 Baptist Church Ancillary Residence 37 W. 13th Street 
HPS-448 Davis Rental 43 W. 13th Street 
HPS-449 Tate House 51 W. 13th Street 
HPS-450 Krause Rental 55 W. 13th Street 
HPS-451 H. A. Stein House 61 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-452 C. Ferrel Dana House 55 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-453 Truet Rental 42 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-454 First Interstate Bank Rental 922 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-455 Dougherty Rental 38 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-456 John R. Edgar House 32 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-458 Ambrose Holferd House 26 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-459 Robert Cromwell House 22 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-460 Max L. Warren House 12 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-461 Cecil Godfrey 6 W. Hudson Lane 
HPS-462 Axel House 12 E. 14th Street 
HPS-463 Harris Rental 112 E. 14th Street 
HPS-464 Cassity Residence 118 E. 14th Street 
HPS-465 Stevens Rental 121 E. 14th Street 
HPS-466 Schmechl Residence 115 E. 14th Street 
HPS-467 Nevitt Residence 107 E. 14th Street 
HPS-468 Crouch Rental 37 E. 14th Street 
HPS-469 Smith Residence 33 E. 14th Street 
HPS-470 Moore Residence 31 E. 14th Street 
HPS-471 Shipp Residence 25 E. 14th Street 
HPS-472 Reed Residence 23 E. 15th Street 
HPS-473 Jensen Rental 1005 E. Warner Road 
HPS-475 Escalante House 1007 E. 8th Street (Old 8th St.) 
HPS-476 Morgan Rental 1223 E. 8th Street (Old 8th St.) 
HPS-477 Marlatt's Garage 1249 E. 8th Street 
HPS-478 Hertenstein Rental 1010 S. Una Avenue 
HPS-479 Tanner Residence 1014 S. Una Avenue 
HPS-480 Samer Rental 1018 S. Una Avenue 
HPS-481 McGinnity Residence 1022 S. Una Avenue 
HPS-482 Ostrow Rental 1026 S. Una Avenue 
HPS-483 Auto Court 1610 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-484 Baker's Acre Motor Court 1620 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-485 Wicks Rental 1955 E. University Drive 
HPS-486 Temesa Cabinet Company 2029 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-487 Gabel House 1964 E. Don Carlos Avenue 
HPS-488 Nelson Rental House 1805 E. Don Carlos Avenue 
HPS-489 Noble Rental 1900 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-490 Baker Decorating Supplies 1930 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-491 Mesempe Motel 2091 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-492 Polar Bear Court 2085 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-493 Horseshoe Trailer Court 2035 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-494 Auto Repair 1935 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-496 Hall House 1314 S. Martin Lane 
HPS-497 AZ CA TX Realty Partners Rental 2086 E. Wildermuth Avenue 
HPS-498 Franciscan Association Residence 1334 S. River Drive 
HPS-499 Franciscan Association Residence 1330 S. River Drive 
HPS-500 Franciscan Association Residence 1326 S. River Drive 
HPS-501 Reynolds Residence 1341 S. River Drive 
HPS-502 Bodkin Residence 2124 E. Wildermuth Avenue 
HPS-503 Saylor House 5801 S. McClintock Road 
HPS-504 Smith Rental 806 S. George Drive 
HPS-505 Labastida Rental 807 S. George Drive 
HPS-506 Clark Rental 1120 S. Evergreen Road 
HPS-507 Clark Rental 1110 S. Evergreen Road 
HPS-508 Clark Rental 1106 S. Evergreen Road 
HPS-509 Clark Rental 2539 E. McArthur Drive 
HPS-510 Clark Rental 2529 E. McArthur Drive 
HPS-511 Clark Rental 2523 E. McArthur Drive 
HPS-512 Clark Rental 2519 E. McArthur Drive 
HPS-513 Gibson Rental 1107 S. Lebanon Lane 
HPS-514 Roberts Tire Sales 2431 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-515 Frame House 2415 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-516 Wilson Rental 2333 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-517 Lofty's Lounge 2331 E. Apache Boulevard 
HPS-518 Klinger House 1025 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-519 Hernandez Rental 2539 E. Victory Drive 
HPS-520 T. J. Hineman House 1009 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-521 Simpson Rental 13 W. 12th Street 
HPS-522 Ramirez Residence 1702 E. 12th Street 
HPS-523 Pettit Residence 217 E. 14th Street 
HPS-524 Diamond Residence 221 E. 14th Street 
HPS-525 Labahn Rental 224 E. 14th Street 
HPS-526 Hale Rental 225 E. 14th Street 
HPS-527 James Rental 228 E. 14th Street 
HPS-528 Kirkpatrick Residence 304 E. 14th Street 
HPS-529 Davis Residence 305 E. 14th Street 
HPS-530 Lue Rental 312 E. 14th Street 
HPS-531 Behringer Residence 319 E. 14th Street 
HPS-532 Douglas Residence 321 E. 14th Street 
HPS-533 Hale Residence 325 E. 14th Street 
HPS-534 Taylor House 1808 E. Loma Vista Drive 
HPS-535 Effie Holeman House 403 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-536 Ater House 413 S. Wilson Street 
HPS-537 Edward E. Bertelson House 211 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-538 Edward E. Bertelson House 215 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-539 William T. Martin House 223 S. Roosevelt 
HPS-540 Charles N. Saylor House 225 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-541 Curry/Miller/Herbert House 233 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-542 Curry/Kellogg/Daub House 305 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-543 Gabel House 323 S. Roosevelt 
HPS-544 Lamar/Ehrhardt House 395 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-545 Lamar/Shackleford House 401 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-546 McCaw/Bauer House 603 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-547 Marriott/Wood House 606 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-548 Guthrie House 600 W. 5th Street 
HPS-549 Monterrey Village 225 S. Hardy Drive 
HPS-550 William A. Moeur House 902 S. Ash Avenue 
HPS-551 Albright House 702 S. Roosevelt Street 
HPS-552 Vanity Beauty Salon 505 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-553 College Theater/Valley Art Theater 509 S. Mill Avenue 
HPS-1001 Woolf/Cole House Originally at 105 E. 9th Street/Moved to Olde Towne Square (150 S. Ash) 
HPS-1002 Methodist Episcopal Parsonage 519 S. Maple Avenue (demolished) 
HPS-1003 American Legion Hall 15 E. 5th Street (demolished) 
HPS-1004 Henness Homestead W. Guadalupe (demolished) 
HPS-1005 Walter S. Johnston House 611 S. Maple Avenue (demolished) 
HPS-1006 Elvin E. White House 730 N. Mill Avenue (demolished) 


The Tempe History Museum appreciates the efforts of the many volunteers who have helped do research, photography, and other tasks for the original Tempe Historic Property Survey (1980-1983).

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