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Dr. Fenn J. Hart

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Fenn John Hart, M.D.

Fenn J. Hart 1894-1896

Born: November 1, 1859, in Sherborne, Vermont
Died: November 2, 1935, in Phoenix, Arizona

Fenn J. Hart graduated from New York Eclectic College in New York City in 1883, with a degree in medicine. He came to Arizona in 1884, and started work as a physician and school director at the San Xavier Indian Reservation south of Tucson. After three years of work for the government, he moved to Tempe and opened a private practice and a drug store. He served as a member of the Territorial Normal School Board of Education, 1889-1891. In 1894 was appointed first mayor of Tempe, and served until April 20, 1896. He continued to serve on the Tempe Town Council until 1900.

Dr. Hart was a member of the National Guard, Company C, in Tempe. When the Spanish-American War began, he went to the Philippine Islands, where he was in charge of a Red Cross unit for ten months. He returned to Tempe for a few years. In 1901 he opened a practice in Jerome, Arizona. He then worked as a doctor for mining companies throughout Arizona, and in Mexico. During much of this time, his family continued to live in Tempe, but around 1916, he and his family moved to Phoenix.

Dr. Hart married Rosa Ann Brown in Phoenix on December 18, 1888. They had a daughter, Mildred. Fenn J. Hart is buried in Double Butte Cemetery.