Charles Henry Waterhouse

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Charles Henry Waterhouse

Born: October 1861, in Decorah, Iowa
Died: 1952

Charles Henry Waterhouse came to Tempe in 1895. He graduated from Decorah Institute (Iowa) in 1879, and taught school in Iowa for a year. He then went to Nebraska, where he filed a claim on a homestead and taught in the district school during the winter months. He quit teaching and turned to farming and other interests. He settled in Tempe in 1895 and engaged in farming and dairying, as well as clearing and leveling land by contract. He worked for the Tempe Canal Company as a zanjero and superintendent, 1902-1905. He was Field Superintendent for the Southwest Sugar and Land Company in Glendale, Arizona, 1906-1911.

Waterhouse was one of the first farmers to grow long staple cotton when it was introduced in the valley. In 1912, he called a meeting of all of the cotton growers in the valley to arrange for bringing in cotton pickers and distributing them among the growers. At this meeting, the Salt River Valley Cotton Growers Association was organized and Waterhouse was elected President, a title which he held 1912-1918. In 1914, he helped organize the Tempe Cotton Exchange and built Tempe's first cotton gin. He was also President of the Arizona Cotton Growers Association, c1915-1919, and was Superintendent of the Tempe Irrigating Canal Company in 1913. In February of 1918, he was hired by the Southwest Cotton Company, a subsidiary of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, as Superintendent of the 17,000-acre Litchfield Ranch. He returned to Tempe in August of 1923 and was employed by the H and H Motor Company of Phoenix as an automobile salesman. In 1931 he became a field man for the Valley Livestock Sales Company. In 1935 he began buying and shipping dairy cows to California, which he continued until January 1940.

Charles Henry Waterhouse was the son of James and Lydia Waterhouse. He married Belle Wright in Antelope County, Nebraska. They had two children Forest Waterhouse and Jessie Waterhouse Fisk. His wife, Belle, died in 1898, and in September, 1918, he married Isabel MacLennan. He is buried in Double Butte Cemetery.