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Tempe History

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This area includes photographs, text documents, and limited database records that can now be accessed through this web site. This area will be updated as more sources on Tempe history become available.

History 101

The following resources give you general information and brief overviews of Tempe history and prehistory.

  • Brief History of Tempe
  • The Hohokam 
  • Hispanic History of Tempe 
  • African American Contributions  
  • Tempe Time Line
  • How Tempe Got Its Name
  • Population growth
  • Place Names
  • Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do Your Own Research

    The Tempe History Museum has a large variety of resources, both online and at the museum facility, that can assist you in conducting your own research on Tempe history.
    The online resources give you access to many documents and photographs that will help you explore Tempe's history in more depth.

  • Archives and Photographs
  • Biographies
  • Historic Properties
  • Oral Histories
  • Hispanic Family Albums
  • Online Collection
  • Bibliography