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Tempe at Home

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Tempe History Jigsaw Puzzles

Test your puzzle-solving mastery with these unique online puzzles created using photographs from the Tempe History Museum's collection.

1. Click on an album below, or visit all the museum's jigsaw puzzle options to choose a puzzle. 
2. Click on an individual puzzle piece to move it around the board, fitting all of the pieces together to reveal the full image.

Determined by number of pieces - Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert

 2004.45.192 (Mill St. Postcard) thumbnail
Tempe Postcards

 2016.5.85 (Mill Ave. Parade) thumbnail
Tempe Landmarks

 1992.2.546 (Catalina Motel) thumbnail
Tempe in the 70s


 2015.23.1 (Elvis the Cat) thumbnail
the Tempe Sound


Let us know if you have a favorite photo you would love to see turned into an digital jigsaw puzzle by searching our eMuseum online collection and emailing your suggestions to or messaging us on Facebook.

WS Music Venues THUMBNAILTempe History Word Search

Get to know the names of Tempe music venues by scouring for them in our new word search game! Words can be found vertically, horizontally and diagonally (forward & backward). The word search is an online game but can also be printed. When you're done, select "Play Again" to rearrange the words into a new search for hours of fun! 

Tempe Parks Word Search (Level: Easy)

Tempe Music Venues Word Search (Level: Easy)

Tempe History Museum Memory Match

Match Game Thumbnail FINAL

 See how fast you can match like images with Tempe History  Museum’s Memory Match game. All images can be found  using our online collection database, eMuseum.

 Click the image to the left or Tempe History Museum Memory Match to start playing!


Tempe History Coloring Pages

Enjoy these coloring pages based on historic photographs from Tempe History Museum’s collection.

 Coloring Page - Gammage Thumbnail

 Coloring Page - Hayden Flour Mill THUMBNAIL

 Gammage Coloring Page
(PDF 273 KB)
Click 1999.14.863 to view the photo in eMuseum!
 Hayden Flour Mill Coloring Page
(PDF 263 KB)
Click 1988.18.79 to view the photo in eMuseum!

Ash Ave. Bridge Coloring Page
(PDF 285 KB)
Click 1987.1.2699 to view the photo in eMuseum!
ASU Old Main Coloring Page
(PDF 313 KB)
Click 2004.45.160 to view the photo in eMuseum! 
 Welcome to Tempe coloring page thumbnail  
NEW! Welcome to Tempe
Coloring Page

(PDF 158 KB)
Click 2004.45.65 to view the photo in eMuseum


SpotifySpotify logo jpg

The museum is now on Spotify! Check out our Tempe History Museum playlists & explore music by local artists, as well a wide variety of musicians who have performed at the museum over the years.

eMuseum Bingo

Explore Tempe History Museum’s eMuseum through the fun of bingo! Find photographs and artifacts that match the description on each bingo card and learn about the Tempe’s history. Great for one or multiple players. This can be printed or used as a digital reference. 

1. Choose your bingo card
2. Visit eMuseum and start searching images using the words or phrases in each square
3. If you have a printed card, mark off or put an indicator (like a coin or rock) on each square of an image or artifact you've found. The center box is a "free space"
4. Be strategic! First person to complete a line across, down or diagonally (and shout 'BINGO!') wins! 

Bingo Card 3 (Medium)

  Bingo Card 2 (Easy) 

  Bingo Card 1 (Medium) 

Bingo Card 3
(PDF 592 KB)
Level: Medium
 Bingo Card 2
(PDF 610 KB)
Level: Easy
 Bingo Card 1
(PDF 621 KB)
Level: Medium

eMuseum Online Collections


Tempe History Museum’s online collection, eMuseum, has more than 70,000 historic artifacts, photographs, and archival documents for you to explore.

Tempe History Museum is on social media as well! Be sure to check us out, and while you're at it, search #tempeathome on both FB and Instagram.

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