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Urban Forest Master Plan

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The City's Urban Forestry Master Plan was approved by the City Council on October 26. 

FINAL Urban Forestry Master Plan 

City Council Work Study Presentation September 18, 2017


What is an Urban Forest Masterplan?

Tempe has been designated a Tree City USA since 1996. In 2012-13 the Global Sustainability Solutions Services (GS3) at ASU’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability was contracted to research and evaluate the extent of Tempe’s tree canopy in relation to a number of factors including total public canopy coverage, coverage per character area, coverage relative to irrigation service, etc. A literature review on the quantitative and qualitative benefits of trees was also conducted.

With this information, staff will craft an Urban Forest Master Plan that will:

1) establish goals for trees and shade management over the next five to 10 years including developing strategies, and identifying barriers and solutions to meet those goals;

2) research the impact of goals relative to achieving a 20 minute city as identified in the Tempe General Plan 2040, and related to increasing the urban forest asset value; and

3) determine budget estimates to implement strategies, accounting for shade, water use, VOC emissions, etc.