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Harelson Park Improvements

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The tennis courts at Harelson Park are now OPEN!


In January 2017, the city hosted a meeting and collected feedback on improvements to the tennis courts located in Harelson Park.

Residents of the area were asked if they wanted to add pickleball striping on one of the two dedicated tennis courts, allowing pickleball to be played with portable nets. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines many elements of tennis and badminton, Ninety-two percent of respondents said yes.

In October 2017 we asked for resident input on whether to proceed with the project considering that eight pickleball courts are now slated for construction at the Tempe Sports Complex. Eighty-three percent of respondents replied that "yes", they would still like to see pickleball striping on the Harelson courts. 

Construction on the courts began on December 11, 2017 and was completed April 6, 2018.

One court is striped for both tennis lines and striping for 4 pickleball courts, while the other is striped with tennis lines and junior tennis lines.