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Ladies Clinic Schedule

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 Golf Tempe Instructional Program - Ladies Clinics

Posture, Set Up & Balance

A good golf swing begins with proper posture and set up. We will work with each player to establish proper alignment, good balance and a good address position.


As all of us know the driver can be the hardest club in our bag to swing. We will discuss the primary differences in the club and practice how to get the driver to perform properly.

Pitching & Chipping

Getting up and down around the green can be the main factor in shooting a lower score. We will assist the player to develop a consistent pitch & chip motion and determine when to make each of the two shots.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids

This segment of the game can be difficult for most players. We will concentrate on where to play the ball in the stance, how to make proper contact and proper club selection.

Mid-Irons & Short Irons

Approach shots to the green are critical to lower scores. We will focus on where to play the ball in the stance and how to make proper club selection.

Sand/Bunker Play

Most players are scared to hit the ball into the sand bunker! We will demonstrate proper bunker play and how to select the proper club for each specific shot distance.

Uneven Lies

Occasionally we will have a stance that is not flat. Knowing how to set up and how to play a shot from above or below your feet can be difficult. We will discuss how to play these shots properly.


Putting is easily the most important and least practiced part of the game. We will work on how to read a green, the effects of gravity and proper putting mechanics.

Course Strategy

Where to hit the ball off of the tee box to set up a proper approach can be critical. We will discuss playing the game and also talk about rules and etiquette.