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The Hamilton family displays their
Neighborhood Library

Sal, the cat, was happy that library
owner Kevin Brown included
canines as part of his design.

Sally Atsumi held a special ribbon cutting
for her library.

Kevin Cappleman poses with his
son and their neighborhood library.

      Kendra Sollars' library features a solar
light inside, allowing neighbors
to trade books after sunset. 

Michael Toomb and his grandfather,
Roger Jutting, built and installed their
neighborhood library. Michael is working
toward his U.S. Congressional Award
and chose woodworking for his
personal development project.  

Kristen Gluch added this library to the
85281 zip code.

Sonia Keefe's library adds color to the neighborhood.

Marjorie Aguilar shows off her library
on Manhatton Drive

D. Rolan
Douglas Rolan built his library
using materials from local
hardware and art stores.

Molly Schaar Idle
Artist Molly Schaar Idle's library
welcomes visitors who walk by.

Little Lexie's library is located
in Raintree Estates.

A wise owl oversees Jean Ghan's
Neighborhood Library.

J Butler
Jay Butler's library is painted
to match his home.

Karen Glazier and her grandson pose
with their Neighborhood Library

Steve Krautstrunk, Sr., provides an
inviting block pad for people to stand upon
while choosing a book.


Desert Willow

“HandsOn Greater Phoenix” had some help from young residents of the Desert Willow Apartments in the building and installing of a Neighborhood Library. The event was part of a larger project and partnership with Catholic Charities. To prevent tagging and theft, volunteer John Dits (left) installed a lockable hasp for after hours, reinforced the plexiglass and added a tin roof for better weathering.

The Klontz family library features
a nice mix of children and adult's books.

Neighbor Josh was the first visitor to Sarah
and Kieran Thompson's new library. He
said, "This library is pretty awesome, but
why is it so small?"

Kathy Shimpock's provides a colorful
addition to the neighborhood
Springdale HOA Board members are creating
a sense of commonality, compassion and understanding between neighbors through
the act of sharing the joy of a good book.



Christina Hudson built her library
from scratch.

Mary Jo Cranwell poses with her
new library.CoughlinAbout seven families made the best of a
hot August day and attended Jenn
Coughlin's Little Library opening where
they took or donated books.

Kenneth Keberle added a solar light
to his family's library.