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 Parent Testimonials

Our family uses the before school program & also during breaks. My daughter loves the staff and programs. It has helped us out tremendously as we have early work schedules, without this program we would have to use a day care program. I don't think my daughter would benefit from that as much as she has from Kid Zone programs. WE LOVE KID ZONE!!!! Thank you for this program. ~Broadmor Parent  

The Kid Zone staff knows my daughter and care about her. The staff is of high quality, knowledgeable, and responsive. There seems to be a lot of creativity to managing the kids’ time and not be boring. Students are well-behaved and it seems to be a safe and bully-free place. I can be comfortable that she is in a good, positive environment. ~Broadmor Parent

I love the people and the reasonable cost of the program. ~Hudson Parent

It is an affordable alternative that offers an exciting, healthy, positive, educational environment for my kids. It is also a place that encourages them to try new things ... like water kickball! My older daughter loves the opportunity to be a student helper with the younger children. It is a better experience than I could have ever imagined! Thank you. ~Manitas Parent

The program focuses on an enrichment based program instead of a "play" only type of program. The staff is friendly and helpful and open to working with parents based on the needs of each individual family. ~Manitas Parent

It's a necessity for us because I am a single working parent and my son learns social skills in a safe environment. ~Holdeman Parent  

I've never considered Kid Zone a babysitting service! They do so much more than just watch my kids. Learning doesn't seem to just stop with school. They've learned a lot in their afternoon program as well! I'm so thankful to have Kid Zone for my kids. ~Mariposa Parent

Kid Zone is a much needed asset in our community. As a program evaluator who evaluated out-of-school time programs, I continue to be impressed with Kid Zone, its programming, and its staff. I find the interaction of the elementary school-aged kids with young adults, many of whom are attending college, to be very beneficial. Kid Zone is a safe and enriching environment for my children after school. And please have another Dance Party -- my son loved the last one! ~Mariposa Parent

Helps prepare kids for kindergarten, teaches them to interact with teachers and kids their age. ~Getz Preschool Parent

Granddaughters enjoy enter acting with the Staff; planned and structured activities-never a dull moment! ~Getz Preschool Parent

My family values your program because it provides us with an affordable and safe after school care environment for our son. He has been attending since Kindergarten and is now in 7th grade. We love Kid Zone! ~Rover Parent

Kid Zone is very valuable to me as a working parent. I am not able to pick up my daughter right at 3:00 pm when school is out. Kid Zone provides a safe environment for my child to be and I love that they have crafts and activities for them to keep them busy. The fact that they also provide an afternoon snack for them is wonderful. I make it a point to get to know the instructors and they are always great, and I also listen to my child’s feedback on what they think of the program and she loves it. Kid Zone is an invaluable support for parents and a wonderful and safe environment for my daughter until I pick her up after work. I appreciate it very much! ~Rover Parent

Kid Zone provides a safe and familiar environment for my children especially if parents have to work extended hours. The teachers are fabulous and the kids really enjoy the activities. I have chosen Waggoner because we heard there was an amazing Kid Zone program. We have not been disappointed! ~Waggoner Parent

My kids love Kid Zone. They are always talking about games they played or showing me crafts they made. The staff members are very good with the kids and keep them busy and learning. ~Ward Parent

My child enjoys the structured downtime afterschool. He likes the staff and we all feel our lives have been enriched by their positive influence. This is a fun, educational, kid-centered program we value throughout the year. ~Ward Parent

I am SO grateful for Kid Zone! I am not able to pick up my son until 5 pm on most days. Often, he is having so much fun at Kid Zone that he doesn't want to go home when I arrive! I don't know how I would finish my work in the afternoons without the peace of mind I have knowing that my son is very well cared for and enjoying his time in Kid Zone after school. ~Scales Parent

Great Spanish skills being taught to extend the learning day. ~Ninos Parent

Special events are very creative- Thank you for making Kid Zone so special for my son! ~Ninos Parent

Because of Kid Zone, I don't have to worry about where to place my daughter till I get off of work. The Nutrition program Kid Zone offers has made an impact on what she eats (trying new foods). ~Norte Parent

Kid Zone is very economical for us. They also provide great help with homework. The teachers are very helpful and easy to communicate with. ~Carminati Parent

Provides a safe and fun atmosphere for my child in those times when the spouse and I have to be at work. ~Curry Parent

It is an excellent program. I value that is conveniently located at the school. Kid Zone keeps their costs low, which helps tremendously. I also value all of the extras you do with the kids, like the nutrition classes, art, money management and yoga classes to name a few. ~Wood Parent

We love Kid Zone! We appreciate everything about Kid Zone. The staff works hard with the kids and it shows. This is an amazing program. My girl never wants to leave. Thank you! ~Aguilar Parent

Kid Zone is quality, inexpensive after school care that allows our children to have fun and learn in a safe environment with other kids their age. We also appreciate the special activities - they truly make us feel comfortable that our kids are getting attention and not just being "watched". ~Fuller Parent

I appreciate all the special attention my child receives at kid zone. This program is very rewarding and a positive safe environment to be in. ~Fuller Parent

I have had the pleasure of working with different teachers and office personal. They make Kid Zone a pleasure! The convenience and pricing is awesome when I have 4 kids and try to work to keep everything a float. I am grateful for the Kid Zone program it gives me great relief while I work to know my kids are ok and in good hands. ~Arredondo Parent