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Junior Guard FAQ

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What is the Junior Guard program?

Junior Guard is a volunteer program for individuals who enjoy being around water, are interested in lifeguarding and would like to be of service to their community.

Is there an age requirement?

Applicants to the Junior Guard program must be between the ages of 12 and 15 years old on the date of program start. 

What are the swimming requirements to become a junior guard?

Applicants should be able to swim freestyle, backstroke and have knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly. Being on a swim team is not a requirement, but knowing how to swim is essential as there will be swimming at weekly training sessions and junior guards will assist in teaching others how to swim.

Is there a uniform that junior guards are required to wear?

Junior guards will need to purchase a black, competitive style swim suit as part of the required uniform. Individuals will also be given an official City of Tempe Junior Guard t-shirt to be worn while on duty. For junior guards scheduled at outdoor pools, sunglasses, sunscreen and white or straw hats are required. Sandals are recommended for junior guards to have while on shift.

What are the required hours of availability?

Morning, afternoon and evening hours are available. Hours are based on established pool schedules and programming needs. Junior guards should be available to assist during swim lessons and recreational swim operational hours. Scheduled shifts will depend on an individual's availability.

How do vacations and requested days off work?

We ask that junior guards give advance notice of any occasions for which they will require time off during the program. We also understand that plans change over the summer and will try our best to accommodate requests. To gain the full experience of our eight-week program, please limit this time.

What are mandatory weekly trainings?

Mandatory weekly trainings are designed to provide junior guards the opportunity to practice their skills with fellow team members and answer questions concerning the schedule. Individuals will need to go to all trainings in order to fulfill class requirements and obtain the Professional Rescuer/AED certification.

Do junior guards receive any certifications? 

We offer an American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer/AED certification. In addition to a skills assessment and a written test, individuals will need to go to all trainings in order to fulfill class requirements and obtain this certification.

Do junior guards get paid?

Junior Guard is a volunteer position within the City of Tempe. However, upon completion of 100 volunteer hours in a summer, lifeguarding class fees will be waived for an individual when he or she is 15 years of age and thus eligible to begin lifeguard training. (Note: This agreement is for Lifeguarding classes offered only through City of Tempe.)

What are my duties and responsibilities?

Teaching swim lessons is a big part of the City’s summer aquatic program. Junior guards are an essential part of that program assisting as Instructor Aides. Junior guards are also needed during open/recreation swim as well and will be expected to engage in customer service, rule enforcement and assisting lifeguards in daily pool tasks.

Where can I volunteer?

The Junior Guard program is currently offered at two locations:

Kiwanis Wave Pool 6111 S. All America Way (indoor facility)

Escalante Pool 2150 E. Orange Street (outdoor facility).



For any further questions, please contact the program coordinator at 480-350-5770 or  by e-mail here