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What You Need to Know

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Administration Office
The administration office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Tempe Public Library, Parks & Recreation Office, 3500 S. Rural Rd., Suite 201, Tempe, AZ 85282. Appointments can be made by calling (480) 350-5244. Open Monday - Friday, except for City-observed holidays.

Casket Space(s)
There are two sections which have available casket space:  Sunrise, which is at the north end of the cemetery parallel to Broadway Road and Sunset, which is at the southeast end of the cemetery at the base of the butte.

Sunrise Section $3,750 - not including opening & closing fees
This lawn-covered section features companion spaces which allow up to two caskets, stacked.  Grave boxes are required for each casket and must be purchased through a mortuary.  Markers (flat only) and in-ground vases will be installed by staff.  All other items are subject to removal.

Sunset Section $2,025 - not including opening & closing fees
This desert area features single casket spaces.  It is a shallow-depth area, covered by uniform decomposed granite. Grave boxes are required for each casket and must be purchased through a mortuary. Markers and vases will be installed by staff.  All other items are subject to removal.

Cremation Space(s)
Spaces for the interment of cremated remains are available for purchase in the Memorial Gardens.

Memorial Gardens $1,090
The price includes one (1) space, one (1) opening & closing fee and one (1) plaque. No more than one (1) set of cremated remains can be placed one space.

Curbing & Gravel
The installation/replacement of curbing & gravel can be ordered for all desert locations, except the Sunset Section. All work will be performed by city staff only.

All glass items will be removed immediately. All other items, except markers and vases, will be removed from the lawn sections the 1st week of May and the 1st week of November to allow for proper maintenance of the cemetery. These items will not be returned.

Death Certificates
To view available death certificates on line, or to request a certificate, visit

Marker Requirements
Markers can be purchased through a local marker company or mortuary. Markers in the lawn section must be flat. (Single 12 X 24, Double 12 X 48, Infant 6 X 18) Vases must be in-ground (inverted). We are not responsible for lost, or stolen, vase inserts. Markers for the desert sections can be flat, slant or upright. View the current fee schedule for installation costs. All markers and vases will be installed by staff.

Military Markers
Military markers are provided fee of charge, for eligible veterans, through the Veterans Administration. The setting fee for official VA markers will be waived.

Payment Options
Full payment is required for all immediate burials and pre-need spaces.
Personal checks are not accepted for immediate burials. 

Pre-Payment of Fees 
Double Butte Cemetery allows pre-payment of applicable opening & closing fees as well as marker setting fees.

Sale of Cemetery Spaces
Double Butte Cemetery does not buy back burial spaces. Burial spaces can be advertised for private sale through traditional, or on-line, advertisements. Once the space has been sold, sellers can transfer the space(s) to the new owner (see below).

Transfer of Cemetery Spaces
Cemetery spaces can be transferred to another individual. A notarized letter, from the owner, authorizing the transfer is required along with the appropriate deed transfer fee(s).

Visiting Hours
Double Butte Cemetery is open daily, from sunrise to sunset.