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Double Butte Cemetery

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Cemetery Entrance

Attention! Fall Clean-Up
This year's fall clean-up is scheduled for November 9 & 10. All items will be permanently removed from all lawn sections, including the Sunrise Section. If you have mementos you would like to save, please remove them before November 9. Families are welcome to redecorate the graves, but the decorations must be within the General Guidelines (below) or they will be removed. If you have any questions, please call 480-350-5244. Thank you for your assistance
                                                       in keeping Double Butte Cemetery clean and safe for all
                                                       of our families.

Double Butte Cemetery
2505 W. Broadway Rd.,Tempe AZ 85282
Southeast Corner 48th Street/Broadway Road

Administration Office - Monday-Friday - 480-350-5244
3500 S. Rural Rd., Suite 201, Tempe AZ 85282

Burials are scheduled Monday-Saturday*, between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.
*Overtime fees will be applied to Saturday services.

Accepted Forms of Payment
Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Money Order or Cashier's Check

Semi-Annual Clean-Up
ALL decorations will be removed the 1st week of May/1st week of November.

General Guidelines:
*Cemetery Hours: Sunrise to Sunset.
 *Please be respectful of the cemetery and to others visiting the cemetery.
 *Pets are not allowed on the cemetery grounds.
 *The cemetery is not responsible for stolen vases or damaged markers.
 *Upright markers are not permitted in the grass areas.
 *The cemetery staff will install all approved markers.
 *The cemetery staff will plant all flowers, shrubs etc.
 *The cemetery staff will install all new or additional curbing at the expense of the requesting party.
 *Changes or enhancements to graves must be approved in advance.
 *The speed limit in the cemetery is 15 m.p.h.
 *Potted plants or other objects are not to be depressed in the ground.
 *Glass containers are not permitted in the cemetery.
 *The cemetery staff may remove and and/or all decorations when deemed necessary.

Sunrise Section, $3,750 – not including opening & closing
This lawn-covered section features companion spaces that allow up to two (2) caskets per space (stacked). Grave Boxes are required for each casket and must be purchased through a mortuary. Markers (flat only) and in-ground vases will be installed by staff. All other items are subject to removal. 

Sunset Section, $2,025 – not including opening & closing
This desert section features single casket spaces. It is a shallow-depth area covered by uniform decomposed granite. Grave Boxes are required for each casket and must be purchased through a mortuary.  Markers and vases will be installed by staff. All other items are subject to removal.  

Memorial Gardens, $1,090
Spaces are available in the Memorial Gardens for the interment of cremated remains. The fee includes opening & closing for weekday services and a memorial plaque. Only one set of cremated remains per space. Art Feature

Marker Photos
Photographs of existing headstones are available upon request.  Please submit your request via e-mail. Please include the name of the decedent and date of death.  

Double Butte Cemetery was established in 1888, on a parcel of land near 48th Street & Broadway.  By 1958, the cemetery was placed under the management of the City of Tempe Parks and Recreation Department. The cemetery features lawn and desert sections for casket burials as well as the Memorial Gardens for the interment of cremated remains. 

The monuments of those interred in Double Butte Cemetery provide a veritable "Who's Who" of Tempe. It is home to many notable Tempeans who served as senators, representatives, governors, legislators, mayors, council members, educators, firefighters and law enforcement. It is also the resting place of numerous military veterans, dating back to the American Civil War. As you drive through Tempe, you will see the streets, schools, buildings and parks which bear the names of those who will forever be a part of Tempe's history and, for many, Double Butte Cemetery.

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