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Kayaking Classes at Tempe Town Lake

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Whether your interested in learning how to kayak for the first time, brushing up on your skills or taking your skills to the next level, we have the class for you! The City of Tempe offers several kayaking opportunities for youth and adults as well as novices and experienced paddlers. 

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Adult Classes

Introduction to Kayaking
Designed by ACA certified kayak instructors; this is a perfect class for all levels of paddling experience. This class will focus on basic strokes and maneuvers as well as fitness, boat-handling and rescues in “sit-on-top” kayaks.  All necessary equipment will be provided. No experience necessary.  This class meets multiple times. 480-350-8069

66848 18 yrs+ Sa 6/20-6/27 7-9 a.m. $35
66849 18 yrs+ T 7/7-7/28 7-9 a.m. $70         
66850 18 yrs+ Su 7/12-8/2 7-9 a.m. $70
66851 18 yrs+ T 8/4-8/25 7-9 a.m. $70
66852 18 yrs+ Sa 8/8-8/29 7-9 a.m. $70    

Essentials of Kayak Touring

Designed by ACA certified kayak instructors; this class will refine your kayak touring skills and is perfect for all levels of experience. Instructors focus on basic, intermediate and advanced strokes and maneuvers as well as fitness, boat-handling and rescues in “sit-in” touring kayaks. All equipment provided. No experience necessary. This class meets multiple times. 480-350-8069

66855 18 yrs+           Su       6/21-6/28 7-9 a.m.     $40
66856 18 yrs+           Th       7/9-7/30 7-9 a.m.      $80
66857 18 yrs+           Sa       7/11-8/1 7-9 a.m.      $80 
66858 18 yrs+           Th       8/6-8/27 7-9 a.m.       $80 
66859 18 yrs+           Su       8/9-8/30 7-9 a.m.       $80 

What is the difference between Intro Kayaking and Kayak Touring?
Intro Kayaking

-Sit-on-top kayaks
-Geared toward beginners
-Moves at a slower pace and only covers the very basic strokes and maneuvers

Tribe 9.5 SideTribe 9.5
 Kayak Touring

-Sit-in kayaks
-Geared towards beginners with intermediate and advanced elements
-Moves at a faster pace and covers basic, intermediate and some advanced strokes and maneuvers. This class will be a good introduction to beginners while allowing the seasoned paddler to refine their technique


Carolina 14 SideCarolina 14 Top

Glow Kayak

The wildest and brightest glow kayak on Tempe Town Lake. Join us for a night under the stars while we glow and glide across the water. In addition to all necessary kayaking equipment, participants will receive glow in the dark accessories. Feel free to wear glow in the dark clothing items which you won’t mind getting wet. Fee-Adult: $30; Fee-Youth, Ages 10-17: $15. 480-350-8069
66865 10 yrs+     F     6/26     7:30-9:30 p.m.          
66869 10 yrs+     F     7/10     7:30-9:30 p.m.
66873 10 yrs+     F     7/31     7:30-9:30 p.m.
66877 10 yrs+     F     8/14     7:30-9:30 p.m.
66882 10 yrs+     F     8/28     7:30-9:30 p.m.

What to Bring and Wear for a Paddling Day 

What to wear: 
Clothing that the participants do not mind getting wet. 
Some sort of water shoes or sneakers the participants do not mind getting wet. Sandals are permissible as long as they are not open back, flip-flop type sandals. 
Hats or Visors 
Loose fitting comfortable t-shirt. Depending on the participants sun tolerance they may want to wear an SPF coated top shirt, or a long sleeve t-shirt. 
If a participant wants to wear long pants, it is permissible, however they should not be cotton or denim, they should be Polyester or Lycra.

What not to wear:  
Jeans of any kind, including shorts 
Hiking boots or dress shoes

What to Bring
Water Bottle
Drybag/ziploc for phone
Dry Clothes to change into 


Planning a day trip?

Check out our example of a float plan if you are venturing out on a paddle trip! While this might seem like overkill, you should always think safety first when going on a paddle trip.